Monday, June 23, 2008

Prism of Light Ceremony - Summer Solstice 06-08

Though there were many events over the Solstice weekend, including Shamanic Journeys and Celtic Celebrations, the June 23rd issue of the newsletter covers two events that will have far-reaching impact on generations to come.
Suns Rays
On Thursday and on Saturday we were deluged with torrential summer thunderstorms typical of Florida this time of year. Yet on Friday, the day dawned clear and calm with small, white, puffy clouds as though the sky spirits knew what was planned and had cleared the atmosphere for our full attendance.

Across our area, stretching 55 miles from Homes Beach in the north to Warm Mineral Springs in the south, and 22 miles from Siesta Key in the west to Myakka and Lakewood Ranch in the east, 222 people joined under the Prism of Light Sarasotafull moon to participate in a most sacred Vision.

We held the vision that together, with conscious intention and by the power of our collective presence, we could and would open an ethereal portal of light shaped like a diamond prism over this area. We held the vision that we would hold the vision sacred for 24 minutes starting at noon time on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

We held the vision that together, on the evening of theNorth Gate Gathering Solstice, we would join in blessings and gratitude to Mother Earth. We held the vision that together, united as one, we would hold open a portal of light symbolic of the New Jerusalem that would usher in the golden age of peace and harmony for the New Earth. And so we did!

Prism Lakewood Ranch Rookery222
heard the call and embraced the Vision of the Prism of Light. They gathered at noon-time on beaches, and in forests, gardens and spiritual centers across the 9 locations anchoring the diamond Prism of Light. This ethereal Prism in this place called Sarasota, birthed the future crystal city of love, light,Prism Warm Mineral Springs healing, music & art. In the early evening, 200 joined in the sacred ceremony at Unity's Labyrinth which included a traditional Incan Despacho (a thanksgiving prayer bundle) which was offered to Mother Earth. In ceremony and in meditation they sounded rounds of OM which opened the Stargate of Prism Lido BeachLight for the New Jerusalem heralding the start of 1000 years of peace, harmony and unity on earth.

Many wrote in over the weekend to share their profound and sacred thoughts and feelings since Friday's experiences. Thank you to all whoHealing Garden Shrine of Master wrote. Thank you to all who came out. Thank you for your presence, your commitment and for hearing the call and embracing the vision. I am deeply honored to share this journey with so many magnificent souls.

A Summer Solstice Celebration

An ethereal call went out that the summer solstice of 2008 was going to be a powerful worldwide transformational event. Groups and well-known organizations called for gatherings in sacred sites, linked-up meditations, and asked their members to hold sacred the time of this solstice. None of it was coordinated and yet activities and ceremonies were happening in tandem all over the planet as though directed by some unseen force.

The Vision was that we hold the 20th as a day when golden light would flow into the planet from the cosmic realms ushering in the new cities of light and transforming the earth in a way that would bring forth the prophecies of 1000 years of the golden age of peace.

The call touched everyone who heard it, causing them to perk up and listen as though they too knew it was something special. Even the Orbs presented themselves in a ring of pink, yellow and white light at the Unity Labyrinth (photo above.) And so it was that there were gatherings not only here, but also in 22 cities on every continent joining in this one-of-a-kind solstice illumination.


Tetrahedron Pyramid - Lido BeachWe began this auspicious Solstice day by gathering at 9 locations across 1,210 square miles, forming an etheric diamond prism of light anchored by groups numbering from 4 to 58. Everyone hearing the message joined in the intentions, bringing their special gifts to the gatherings. Patti Star blended an emerald green essential oil called Pachamama for annointing those gathered at each location. Crystals and sacred talismans were placed on the many altars. A specially created collection of powerful Tibetan Healing Crystals were charged by Edith Cheitman. Light-Anchors at every location set the intentions, sounded the tones, bells, bowls, flutes or gongs, at 12, 12:12 and 12:24. Everyone held the vision of the Prism of Light for 24 minutes as OM was chanted at each of the three times.

Prism Holmes Beach GroupReports came in from all quadrants of the Prism within the hour. The words used to describe their gatherings were: "awesome - blown away - intense - nobody moved afterwards - connection to Allness - power - synchronized - flowing - tears of joy." At Warm Mineral
Prism Warm Mineral Springs Springs their chants of OM were ethereally heard by those gathered on Siesta Key, 33 miles away. At the Healing Garden of Shrine of the Master, a CD of chanting Tibetan Monks which was softly playing in the background was picked up ethereally by a participant on Lido Beach.

Every location reported a synchronized connection with animals or birds who were at their locations. Myakka's group saw deer, snake, turtle and hawk. Pam said Myakka Prism David and Jimwhen they came out of the vortex in the forest they "felt taller than the trees." At Holmes Beach, Frannie's voice returned to her healed. She described "a beloved Being holding the cheeks of each person in the circle in its hands." A candle lit by that group stayed lit despite the strong Gulf breezes. At Warm Mineral Springs, Alton saw the Native American "Chief of the Springs" standing behind Robin during the meditation. Robin told me that later the waters of the springs bubbled as though energized, inviting us to do this again soon. Healing Garden Shrine Master

Lido, Lakewood Ranch, Holmes Beach and Siesta Key had powerful experiences with birds. At Lido, 44 gulls circled the group, sounding their call during the meditation. At Lakewood Ranch all the birds in the rookery began to sing part way through the 24 minutes. Siesta Key had Mockingbirds calling to the group and Holmes Beach heard birds singing in synchronicity answering their OM chants. A young man named Mike who had navigated his wheel chair onto the sands of Lido told us he'd watched a cloud overhead take form that was shaped like the diamond prism during the meditation. He pointed to the map of the diamond prism as he shared his cloud vision.

The Solstice Despacho & Portal of Light Ceremony

Unity Labyrinth Solstice 2008Later in the day 200 people including many children came toDavid Linda Drummers Unity's Labyrinth for the evening Solstice Celebration. Sitting four rows deep, they helped to set and hold sacred space with flowers, smudging and crystals. Four directional gatekeepers, David Cooper in the East, JoEllyn Bavoso in the South, David Gittens in the West and Patricia Cockerill in the North joined in holding the space.
Jennifer Sault Celtic Directionals
Unity GroupThe evening began with Rev. Zan Butterfly Deerwoman coordinating the ceremonies. David Gittens began the celebration by leading the drummers in rhythm, sound and spirit. Jo introduced the Vision of the Prism and the reason we'd gathered on the longest day of the year sharing with the group what had happened at the many Prism locations at noon. Jennifer Sault, trained Ovate/Druid then called in the Celtic directional blessings.

Dr Marguerite Barnett honored the gathering by dancing the Solar Fire Dance across the labyrinth, twirling a Marguerite Barnetthoop with six lights, as she spun around the circle. Then Patricia Cockerill called for the Intentions of the CouncilCouncil Circle gathered, asking each person to state their name and to declare out loud in two words what they brought to the gathering. 7 year old Emma Rose announced her intentions loudly by declaring Life and Love. Diana James who came to this event from New Mexico, annointed each person in the gathering with an essential oil called The Solar Heart.

EmmaEmma, Dillon, Michaela and Acacia assisted Jo and Lee DeOvies in the formation of the sacred Incan Despacho blessing for the earth. The children gathered rose petals from everyone in attendance,
Children of Despacho brought them to the center of the circle for inclusion in the ceremony of the Despacho. A sacred mandala topped the Despacho before it was bound with ribbon and consigned to the fires as a symbol of thanksgiving and gratitude for the boundless blessings of the earth to her people.

Finally, the G
atekeepers of the Directions lit the candles of all those assembled so Portal of Lighted Candleswe could hold the Vision of the Portal of Light for the New Jerusalem in meditation. Two hundred voices joined and held the sounds of OM as the chant echoed across the night. In a guided meditation, hearts were united in envisioning the opening of the portal of light over the new Jerusalem even as it was anchored on the ground by the peaceworkers who stood with us in old Jerusalem. We ended the ceremony with all standing and holding hands as we sang John Lennon's Imagine.

On Friday night at Unity's Labyrinth, there were no countries and no religions, no possessions, and nothing to die for. We did Imagine all the people living life in Peace. And that is what we all brought in on the Solstice of June 20th, 2008.

We came together with children of the next two generations to hold the visionCrystal City of Light and to seed The Crystal City of Light that will live on for many generations yet to come! We joined with 144 communities worldwide to usher in the consciousness of the Golden Age of Peace. Our collective work was created with love, intention, focus and commitment. It is done!

The Messages

You might wonder if any messages were brought in. David Cooper shared a profound feeling of love and peace. He said he never hears a voice, but Friday night he heard a voice say, "The mantle has been passed. Be at peace!" Bobbie Benz received this affirming powerful message, "The divine creation upon planet Earth-Gaia, is now birthed in the dawn of Truth - Each Lightbearer carries a flame to ignite the masses in the eternal torch of God's love and wisdom. You have chosen this Golden path to walk with your divine counterparts in higher dimensions of consciousness to accelerate the mass awakening and ascension of humanity. The Earth vibration has reached the Age of Aquarius. Know the balance is now restored."

Little Emma, the youngest of the children helping with the Despacho, made an impact on all of us. I'd hoped to meet her again. Within hours of that thought, I walked into Isle of Avalon on Sunday afternoon and there was 7 year old Emma Rose with her parents Theresa and Michael. Emma said she felt "joy and it felt good placing the Despacho in the fire." She then shared that her beloved grandmother had died 18 months earlier. While in the Despacho Ceremony she thought of the happier days baking cakes with the grandmother she adored. The following day two red cardinals, her grandmother's totem, appeared on the bushes outside her house. Emma knows her grandma was there at the ceremony blessing her.

David Gittens
shared, "On this auspicious terrestrial threshold, may insightfulness, beauty of heart and wisdom embrace you and dear ones on the journey ahead." Rev. Sharon Elizabeth said, "I felt a tremendous surge of galactic energy come through me at both events - that sound was to be utilized for the betterment of all to assist personal and planetary vibratory changes." Joyce Manfre looked at the numerology of the events. Regarding the 222 number she said, "222 is the sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing, and going in the right direction." Regarding the number 24 at Lido she said, "24 is the number associated with the turning point."

Patricia Cockerill shared a dream from Sunday. "We've gone safely over the first ridge but now there's a second ascent. When we reach the top we'll be launched."

The Vision of the Prism began in a dream in early January. While cleaning up the labyrinth after the magnificence of Friday I told Madri I was going home to sleep until Monday. Yet, a dream woke me on Sunday morning. It came in the "same voice, feeling, and tone" that began the Prism Vision in January. The voice in the dream said, "That part is done! You'll now be prepared for the next part." Sounds suspiciously similar to Patricia's dream. And, there's more to come.

I want to thank every single soul who heard the call and came out on Friday. Thank you for the many gifts you brought to that day and to the events. Thank you to the blessed Anchors of Light who heard the Vision and simply said Yes without fanfare.

I want to thank the beautiful children - Emma, Dillon, Michaela and Acacia for sealing the Despacho with your sweet love and light. Thank you to Lee for bringing us the Despacho from Peru. Thank you to all who held the evening ceremony sacred - the smudgers, gatekeepers, drummers, blenders of oils, fire-keeper, singers, photographers and special thanks to Dr. Marguerite Barnett for the Fire Dance.

Thank you to Shahabuddin who immediately recognized the significance of the Portals of Light and who called for the gatherings on the ground in Israel while gently teaching me the ways of the cultures involved. Heart-filled gratitude and blessings to my friend Zan the Chacaruna who, walking between the two worlds, keeps the vision sacred in her heart. Without Zan this would not have been as successful.

And last, thank you to Patricia who very early on knew the power of the dreams, embraced the message wholeheartedly, and stood shoulder to shoulder in full resonance as the magnificence of the Vision unfolded. Patricia, you make this work sacred for both of us and for those sharing our journey.

Jo - June 23, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prism of Light - Summer Solstice June 2008

Prism of Light - Sarasotasun rays over SRQ
Solstice June 20
12:00 - 12:12 - 12:24

By now many of you have heard about the Prism of Light over Sarasota. Perhaps you read how it came about in the Starsoundings Journalsabove. There will be an activation of a 9 location ethereal diamond prism of light over the Bradenton - Sarasota - Warm Mineral Springs areas at noon on the summer solstice.

Prism of Light Map Sarasota Lightworkers will anchor the powerful solar light-wave of the solstice and in a unified field of resonance, hold the vision of a diamond-shaped prism of light across this area for 24 minutes. A tone will be sounded by each of the 9 anchors at 12:00 noon, 12:12 and at 12:24. Those in attendance will be asked to unite in one chant of OM at those three times. In the silence that follows, they will be asked to anchor and reflect outward a prism of light that will become a crystal beacon for the spiritual city of light being energetically set in Sarasota for generations to come.

If you would like to participate in this vision, please go to any of the 9 locations that feel right to you. Please arrive no later than 11:45 a.m so that everyone is in place at 12:00 noon. Those at Warm Mineral Springs or Myakka should arrive by 11:30 a.m. Bring chairs or blankets to sit on.

The 9 locations forming the diamond prism and it's triangular facets are:

EAST - Lakewood Ranch Heron's Nest "Bird Rookery"
WEST - Siesta Key Beach Grandmother Tree and Lido Beach
NORTH - Holmes Beach
SOUTH - Warm Mineral Springs Pine Forest
CENTER - Shrine of the Master Healing Garden - Unity Labyrinth -

Again a reminder - please arrive no later than 11:45 a.m. to be in place by the start of the tone at 12:00. For both East locations - Myakka and the Heron's Nest Bird Rookery it's a 10-15 minute walk to the location.

The second event is the Solstice Evening Ceremony which will be held at Unity's Labyrinth located at 3023 Proctor Rd between Swift & Beneva

Monday, June 9, 2008

Spirit of Sarasota - June 9, 2008

Spirit of SarasotaSarasota

There are so many stories of how we came to Sarasota. Many say that from the moment they arrived they knew it was different. It wasn't just great beaches and a tropical climate but something much more. Whatever it was, we came for a visit, went home, sold our homes, quit our jobs and came here to live. Like everyone else, I felt it immediately when I first visited in 2004. There was a knowing feeling that I had to live here, so I returned in January 2006 to call it home.

No place of similar size has as many spiritual centers, alternative medicine practitioners, energy workers and healers of different modalities and disciplines, or spiritual teachers and life coaches. On any day or night there are so many classes, workshops, seminars, or meditation groups being offered, its like being in a spiritual all-you-can-eat buffet.

So was it a calling that brought us here or a shared vision? We came and sometimes within days found like-minded people with whom we resonated instantly. We met in classes, spiritual centers, bookstores or health food stores. Everywhere we went, there we were. Moving easily through the community we formed bonds, alliances and meditation groups, with a common purpose. We realized our shared talents and skills complemented one anothers forming a more cohesive wholeness as though we were all connected in some invisible net.

Sarasota LightningFrom the time of arrival everyone seems to have had a unique feeling about Sarasota and what it represents. Many saw it as a future city of light describing it in many different ways. When writing about the Prism of Light over the city in the May 19th issue two readers shared poems they'd written. One poem was dated 1993 the other was dated 2007. Both described seeing "a future city of light on the bay." Not coincidentally, in classes, restaurants, coffee shops, and gatherings over the past two years, others shared the many books (Keys of Enoch, Secrets of the Amenti, Calling Humanity) which said that Sarasota was a future "sacred city of the new earth" or a "portal or stargate."

In a dream a few weeks ago this message was received and recorded in a log. We must leave the world of conscious thinking and enter the world of the unconcsious where the state of allowance lets ideas flow and truth reign. From the unconscious and in its flow you'll know that this is the world of endless possibilities. It is the home of vivid color, vibration, ideas and creation. In that unconscious world all of us saw the idea and the possibility of a city of light. From the world of ideas and creation the Vision came forth. It unfolded over the past five or six months in dreams, meditations, study and research, making itself known more clearly as the months went by.

So what was the Vision? That from the ethereal and unseen worlds and dimensions we can seed a future-generation city of love, light, healing, writing, art, and music. That this Vision must be illuminated and ignited during the summer solstice of 2008. That we would hold the Vision of a diamond prism of light overJerusalem at night the area stretching from Bradenton-Holmes Beach in the North to Warm Mineral Springs in the South, from Siesta Key Beach in the West to Myakka State Park and Lakewood Ranch in the east. That we would be one of 22 cities of light around the planet that would become light-beacons and sacred sites for future generations. That after igniting the prism of light over Sarasota that by our collective intention, we could also anchor a portal gateway over the troubled city of Jerusalem seeding a New Jerusalem that would be filled with hope, love and light for all people.

Within hours of releasing the first map of the diamond shaped prism, those who heard about it stepped forward to anchor the Prism. There was an effortless and seamless alignment of friends, lightworkers and spiritual leaders who formed and declared themselves ready to participate because they too had seen or felt the vision. As soon as the full information was shared with others in classes, meditations groups, spiritual centers and gatherings they embraced it and became its advocates, hosts and attendees.

Each of us is a prism of light within the greater Prism. We are facets in the greater prism reflecting the light and love of the work we do whether it's healing, teaching, alternative medicine, art, music, writing or spreading joy and love by our very presence. We were called to this area by the shared Vision and we will not only seed the future-light city of Sarasota but return to inherit it in the generations to come.

Hope to see you at one of the 9 locations or at Unity's Labyrinth in the evening.

Jo - June 9, 2008