Monday, March 29, 2010

The Real Journey - April 2010

Remembering the Real Journey

Our real trip to Peru began after returning home. All who went share that they are ungrounded and experiencing feelings of "not being here nor there." Many say they've withdrawn from groups, activities, events or socializing so they can find their focus. Others feel a relocation is in the offing, though there's no clear direction on that yet, nor does it matter to where.

Journaling and quiet reflection have been a big help in trying to understand what transpired during those three weeks in South America. In the thin atmosphere of 13,000 feet, where you're closer to the sun than ever before, I was conscious that something was happening, but not what it was. Yes there were connections with the ancient ancestors through the stones and the ruined temples. The spirits were always present around us and visible in every rock formation and mountain. But there was something bigger transpiring behind what was being presented.

Looking back, one event continues to hold a powerful resonance. It turned out to be the most memorable experience for me, no matter how many ruins, stones, monuments or sacred sites we visited. It was an unplanned happening that was immense in scope, though an insignificant part of the overall tour. It was an experience that would become the point from which would springboard a new journey back home.

One night, nineteen of us were on a small bus coming out of the Sacred Valley. Leaving the small town of Urubamba, the bus had to make a slow climb over the top of a 13,500 foot mountain in order to get back to Cusco. As we went up the mountain, there were no more villages. There was no electricity in the area. The only lights came from the bus itself. Someone asked the driver to stop at the top of the mountain so we could see the Southern Cross. Hearing the words, "Southern Cross" I felt it was a moment of destiny for me. As the driver pulled off the road and turned off the lights, I was the first one to leap off the bus.

Out there on the top of the mountain, in the cold atmosphere, there was nothing but blackness all around us. The stars overhead looked like large brilliant diamonds that I could reach out and touch. I searched for my favorite star system Orion and found it was at a different location in the skies over South America. Instead of a few prominent stars, I could see all the stars in and around "The Hunter" in ways I had never seen before. There were so many and they were so close. I felt pulled into its formation and heard inside my head the voice of my long gone grandfather re-telling the mythological stories of Orion and the Pleiades. I saw constellations and star systems that I had never before seen because the denser atmosphere and city lights of North America always block them out.

Instead of dim stars with a lot of dark sky between them, this cosmic canopy looked like a great mythic builder had thrown a million large diamonds onto a black velvet carpet. I felt the power of the stars pulling me into their portals and vortexes and I grew physically dizzy with the grandeur above me. There was a sliver of a new moon visible as the entire sky, which was filled with clear starlight, washed down over us. My eyes filled with tears as I became part of the cosmos. In the still moment of silence and reverence, I became imprinted with a powerful universal connection. I had come home!

In the rarefied light-beams streaming in, an invisible seed was planted. In the frequency of that high-altitude it waited. A month later, back home, the seed is ready to germinate. What it will fully grow into is still unknown. But, there's a feeling of patience and careful watchfulness unfolding as I watch it begin to grow.

This much has been revealed. All of us have been spiritually re-calibrated whether we know it or not. But the new attunement is not yet complete. It has begun with a strong reconnection to inner guidance. The reconnection was always there but I forgot to remember it. Now it's a constant. Its low hum is unmistakable. There's a feeling of peacefulness and expansion accompanying it. It already influences dreams and meditations. The remembering is notable in all forms of spiritual expression. My mandala art and spiritual writings have blossomed in new ways.

The seed is growing inside each one of us. It was planted in our heart centers during the solar disk activation. As it awakens, it will show us how to reconnect to and become our own Spiritual Master. Through the rays of the sun, the Master of the new self is birthing. This Master will be our only guide. This Master is the one we'll trust. This is the Master that we are all in stages of becoming. This is the Master that will harmonize us in such a way that evolution becomes possible on a global scale.

Yes, there are still many spiritual beings alive who will continue to come into our sphere of influence. They will create catalytic sparks on our journey that will act like mid-course corrections for us. But this new seed growing within promises to dissolve the need for the endless string of teachers outside of us. Instead, we are standing witness to the arrival of the extraordinary Master Teacher within us. That Inner Guide will flourish because of the star-gate that was activated in Peru. May all of humanity feel the presence of the spiritual guide within and be comforted by that feeling of sweetness that makes its home in the heart center. Om shanti.

Jo - April 5, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

Solar Disk Activation - A Pilgrim's Journey to Peru

Eons ago, during the final destruction of the ancient lands of Lemuria, a call was sounded that was destined to be heard in another time by the people of the earth. This call carried a resonant frequency through time and space; held in certainty that the Children of the Sun would return some day in the future to activate a loving heart consciousness on earth. For those who heard it, and even for those who didn't understand it, the call promised to open heart-centered love, caring, and compassionate feelings in the global hearts of humanity.

The first sounds of that universal heart-centered focus was felt nine years ago when the world learned about the 9/11 attacks and responded in a wave of universal caring. It sounded again in 2004, delivering loving compassion and aid to the victims of the Indonesian tsunami long before world governments chose to respond. When a catastrophic earthquake destroyed the country of Haiti in early January, the outpouring of humanitarian aid was immediate as people chose to personally respond and go to the island nation to help.

Sometimes, catastrophe and tragedy are the catalysts for opening the heart-centers. At other times, there's a different catalyst. People are brought together to hold the consciousness that doorways must be opened which speak to a new time dawning on earth. That time came when groups from around the world were called to Lake Titicaca, 12,500 feet high up in the Andes, for a ceremony called the Activation of the Solar Disk on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2010. These groups, hearing the ancient call, brought forth an outpouring of the Divine Feminine compassion and heart love, which flowed from the center of the sun to the global family on earth. Thousands more from around the world who also heard the call but who could not be present, chose to participate in their own physical locations.

This is the story of a small group of women, an enclave in the larger group, who also heard the call but who came with individual visions and deep knowing of their roles in this gathering. They journeyed to Peru from different parts of the world to be part of the ceremony. They came from Europe, the British Isles, the West Indies, South America and North America. Most did not know one another before arriving, yet upon meeting there was an instantaneous familiarity with each other. It was clear that they had come out of time, out of space, and from great distances to reconnect in a way that would unite their hearts once more in a most unique yet familiar manner.

While the larger group gathered at different places during the four days of the various activation ceremonies, this enclave was destined to keep its own vigils, all of them receiving clear and unmistakable personal guidance and counsel. There was a unanimous feeling that on Feb. 14th when the main group was at Amantani Island, this group would return to the Aramu Muru Portal to hold sacred ceremony. The ancient legends say this portal was the place into which Aramu Muru, one of the twelve master teachers of Mu, disappeared with the golden sun disk. If Feb. 14th was in fact the "Re-Activation of the Solar Disk" it felt purposeful and right that we hold open the Divine Feminine Heart-Gate by returning to the place where the disk was last seen centuries ago. As if blessing that decision a large golden aurora appeared around the sun directly overhead.

A private van was hired to take us to the portal. Unlike the previous day when three huge groups had converged on the portal at the same time, this time we were completely alone for more than five hours. With the Aramu Muru doorway as backdrop, a sacred altar was set in front of it using the mesa belonging to one of the women who was a Shamanic Mesa-Carrier. Each woman placed a sacred object on the altar, signifying something important in her life. A hat which had been around the world with its owner represented the journey we'd all come on. It was placed at the top of the altar. Photographs of spiritual teachers, mentors, absent friends, crystals, stones, incense and holy waters were placed on the mesa. The altar was then sealed and outlined with sacred ceremonial white quartz-crystal sand from Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. It was not until much later that we realized the sandy outline of the altar was a mirror reflection of the portal above it.

Without any direction, each woman automatically assumed a role as though she had done it for ages. A palo santo (holy wood) fire was tended which served to light eight candles representing the major religions of the world. The shamanic Mesa-Carrier called in the blessings of the directions. As she invoked the Eagle and Condor of the East, the winds picked up and the sound of wings flapping from a large bird could be heard nearby though none of us saw it.

Our ceremony was universal in nature. We lit a candle to each of the eight major religions of the world, including the unknown. We chanted a sacred chant that represented each of those religions. We said a prayer and set it into the atmosphere. We prayed that all who came after us to visit this portal would feel the peacefulness and the opening of their hearts and that they would carry this back to their home countries. Then we sat in silent meditation.

In this Solar Activation Ceremony we knew we'd joined with people from all over the world. Hundreds of you had written after reading the February Spirit of Ma'at issue about the Solar Disk Activation saying you would be part of the ceremony in your home locations. During this opening of the heart center, and this outpouring of Divine Feminine grace and love, we felt your presence. We knew you were with us during our silent meditation. We heard your voices join ours as we chanted Kadosh, Kadosh — Kyrie Eleison — Gate Gate Para Sum Gate — Om Mata Om Kali Durga Devi Namo Nama — and other holy chants. We knew you stood with us, as the Divine Feminine sweetness opened our hearts and poured out loving grace onto the global family on earth. We were held in the energy of the Portal, and we felt united with you in every aspect of that ceremony.

There were many things experienced in Peru most of which could fill dozens of articles for this magazine. But the reason each of us went was to personally answer a universal call that we sounded into the cosmos eons ago. The human family had to elevate its consciousness from darkness to light in order to hear the sound once more. At 12,500 feet above sea level we set aside the distractions of this world. A magnificent group of women united with thousands from all over the world. They acted as carrier waves to the wonder of heart-centered love that was being directed to all inhabitants on the planet. Aligned at the portal, with the center of the Sun Disk and with the Galactic Center, we seeded the true sounds of Universal One-ness that is to become manifest in the times ahead. We summoned all the names of the Divine Feminine through time, invoking her grace upon us. In the opened heart-gate we offered this prayer: May all beings find joy! May all beings find happiness! May all beings stand in communion with one another! Peace, peace, and more peace.

Starsoundings Journals March 15, 2010