Monday, September 2, 2013

Where the Water Meets the Sky

Where The Water Meets The Sky

While in a business meeting fourteen years ago a call came in telling me he was born. Breaking speed limits across three states, the two-hour drive took me to the hospital where I saw him in person for the first time. When his mother was a few months pregnant with him, I'd seen him as a spark of light on my bedroom wall quite a few times. I would hear a delightful humming sound in the wee hours of the night, open my eyes, and see this spark of light dancing on the walls. I knew who he was even before she knew it was a him.  At the hospital, he was wrapped up in a blue and white flannel blanket. I checked his tiny hands, no bigger than my thumb, and wondered what this 'crystal boy,' born in the last year of the 20th century, would create with those hands. What type of person would he become?

Hand in hand in his toddler years, he delighted in telling me stories about butterflies and where they came from. No pupa and larvae science for him. Butterflies came from a forest far away that up in the sky where tiny fairy people lived. In the sweet way he said it I was sure he'd visited that place not that long ago. It was the start of our many unconventional conversations together.

When he was six I watched him standing on the beach. As the waves broke around his ankles his outstretched arms made gentle flying and turning gestures. After fifteen minutes of watching, I came up behind him and said, "It's magic isn't it?" With great solemnity he asked me, "Do you think everything goes away where the water meets the sky?" Knowing he'd probably come from there before his birth I answered, "I think it's where our souls go!" Still standing in place but allowing his hands to fly he said, "Yeah, they do!" I sensed he remembered so I hugged him. Always remember, you're my 'best boy' I told him. "I know." he said.

As he grew older his gentle nature played out. He was always protective of his younger brother. If cookies were being handed out, he always took one for his brother. If a game was planned he made sure both of them were included. The protectiveness extended to his entire family. I played 'Nerf' touch football with him and his brother in the front yard. The younger brother was a competitive natural athlete in many sports so addressed this light game like he would a championship match. That is until he was told "Don't hurt the grannies!"

He's sensitive, caring, and empathic. He's an artist, a writer, and a singer. When he looks at you there's a deep wisdom in one so young. He works quietly by himself or with measured involvement in groups. He talks with few words, but when he has something to say, one listens. He creates magical virtual cities on his laptop, demonstrating concern that water and the air remain pure while describing how neighbors and countries can work easily with one another.

At his middle school graduation in June, the boy I'd last seen at Thanksgiving was now a full head taller than me. His voice had become deeper. But his sweet gentleness was still evident. Instead of running into my arms as he'd done as a little one, he strode towards me with a big welcoming smile and a magical hug. He had become a young man. More so when he kicked off the ceremony by welcoming the parents, visitors and dignitaries on behalf of his graduating class.

From what I've witnessed during his 14 years, he's part of a new generation of gifted souls now on the planet. They're called the Crystal Children. They are highly creative, empathetic, genuinely loving, trusting, and intuitive enough to understand the unconscious motives of others. They stand independently, yet operate in groups towards a goal. They have chosen a difficult yet exciting time to be here. During their cycle on earth they'll set the tone of moderation by neutralizing harsh or radically opposing factions played out in the public arena. And, they will plant the seeds of tolerance in all of humanity. It's what they came to do.

So what will he become or what will he do with his life? It's not yet clear. But this I know. Of all the traits of a Crystal Child he displays that of a 'peacemaker' the most. That quality was brought from the place where the water meets the sky. It's evident in his gentle dealings with others. It's in his presence that takes in his surroundings, without being overbearing. He's gracious and never resorts to anger - all traits that will serve him in this new emerging epoch.

In the sixties the baby boomers sent out a stirring call for peace and universal love. It was heard where the water meets the sky. Then fifty years later these Crystal Children souls began to incarnate with those ideals. They are here now as the grandchildren of the Baby Boomers. Born of our aspirations, they became the ones we wished we had become. And they will set the stage for our return as their great grandchildren, based on the work they do during their time on earth. Stating with us and now them, the cycles continue moving us towards our spiritual destiny.
Jo Mooy - September 2013