Monday, August 18, 2008

Tibetan & Atlantean Crystals 08-18-08

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Tibetan Quartz & Atlantean CrystalsTibetan Quartz Crystals

A bag of crystals was left at my front door a few days after the Prism of Light was activated. There was a note attached from Edith Cheitman telling me about the Tibetan crystals inside and asking that each Prism Anchor be gifted with one of them. From that initial encounter and through subsequent conversations with Edith who has a collection of these crystals, I learned much about the "new" crystals.

Crystal to sizeThe crystals come from a singular veined quarry of the Himalayas. Until recently, they were mined by hand and carted out by mules from Tibet through China to the rest of the world thereby showing the marks of this type of mining and handling. They're cloudy, gray or smoky due to the carbon and hematite from the areas where they were found. Many are double-terminated or carry smaller crystals that overlay the "mother" crystal. Enhydros are rare Tibetan crystals which hold bubbles of water or carbon deposits that are millions of years old.

My own experiences while wearing or holding the crystals has been notable. Tibetan Crystal from EdithTibetan Crystals hold magnetic resonance frequencies, which amplify and intensify the transformation of the wearer. Using the double-terminated or overlay crystals along the body releases stagnant or blocked disturbances. Holding a Tibetan Crystal in the palm of the hand while meditating opens up a noticeable flow of energy through the crown chakra. Carrying the crystals in a pocket has a grounding and centering effect throughout the energy system. Wearing this crystal which was gifted to me by Edith (photo on right) has had a noticeable effect. At times wearing it felt as though every cell and molecule in my body was electrified, energized or buzzing. Other times there was a solid centering feeling in the heart chakra.

Thank you Edith for introducing us to these powerful energetic crystals and bringing them to our attention. If you're interested in finding out more about the Tibetan Crystals or wish to see, experience or acquire one to wear or carry around you may contact Edith directly at

Atlantean CrystalsSo what about the Atlantean Crystals? Since the activation of the Prism in Sarasota I've been asked to identify some of the other Crystal Cities of Light. Read on -

The Atlantean Crystals from Arkansas also came to awareness just before the Solstice on June 20th. I was already familiar with the 6-sided Great Crystal of Atlantis from one of Edgar Cayce's remarkable readings where he described its use by that civilization as concentrating incoming rays of solar, lunar, atmospheric and Earth energy in order to power the country. According to Cayce's reading 2072-10, the Great Crystal was called the Tuaoi Stone. "It was in the form of a six-sided figure, in which the light appeared as the means of communication between infinity and the finite."

The Atlanteans used the Grid System of the earth with the power of the large crystals which were placed all over the earth to transmit energy from pyramid to pyramid across the country. The crystals were used for spiritual means at first, later for physical body rejuvenation. According to Cayce the Great Crystal and others like it now lie deep down beneath the waves in the Bermuda Triangle, the Gulf and other ocean waters as well as deep in the earth. He predicted that Atlantis would rise off the coast of Florida in 1968. In fact a half mile of large rectangular limestone rocks did appear off Bimini that same year. Geologists continue to explore the formations with conclusions ranging from natural formations to "certainly man-made."

Arkansas is known as "one of the world's best crystal areas." The ancient Ouachita MtnsOuachita Mountain range was considered a mystical location by Native American tribes. Shaman traveled to "power points" in the mountains where the earth's energy was said to be the strongest, and where the quartz of the Ouachitas was believed to have sacred and spiritual significance. Warring tribes laid down their weapons when visiting the hot and cold springs which they called the Valley of the Mists. Today, the Arkansas Crystal Mountains contain some of the finest deposits of quartz anywhere in the world.

During the work with the Prism I learned about one of the other crystal cities, said to be near Hot Springs - Mt. Ida in Arkansas. While attending a Kryon session in New England in 2001, a world-traveling spiritually oriented geologist heard Kryon's message that "evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas." The statement had a profound effect on him. While on a walkabout in the Ouachita mountains he received a vision that beneath the central area of Arkansas were large beds of Arkansas Crystalcrystals as large as skyscrapers. He was told "These 'Mother/Father Crystals' were very ancient and had been dormant for millennia. They were now ready for re-awakening and would release a magnificent energy once the crystal portal was anchored in place - - many would come, some to anchor, some to add their energies through ritual and healing prayers."

The vision continued that "a portal was forming over Arkansas which was a function of the Light Grid. The portal was in essence a white hole, or Stargate which charges energy inward from higher dimensions into the earth-plane. The portal will feed coded light energy into the awakened crystals and the crystals will in turn outflow the energy to be distributed by the vortex engine." This certainly sounds like the manner in which the Atlantean Crystals were used before the final destruction. His words about portals forming and anchors in place echo the Prism of Light in Sarasota. No coincidence that other "crystal cities" are becoming known to us.

That's the story about the "new" Tibetan and Atlantean crystals that have come to light since the Prism. As the weeks and months go by we're sure to uncover more serendipitous research and news about the other cities of light.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cosmic Skies of August - 08/04/08

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The Cosmic Skies of August

Ancient cultures, much more in harmony with nature than is our modern society, used the movement of the stars and planets to guide and direct their lives. Eclipses, meteors and comets were portends heralding cosmic events. We too have an opportunity to
Solar Eclipsedirect our awareness to the powerful and intense cosmic displays occurring in the skies this month. What will occur is not just visual. It's also an experiential, energetic, tidal-wave relating to the changes going on in each one of us and across the earth. It's representative of things metaphorically heating up.

Last Friday August 1, the first total Solar Eclipse in two and a half years was visible across Canada, Siberia, Greenland and Mongolia. This phenomenon inspires emotional feelings of awe and grandeur in even the most casual observer when the moon blocks out the sun and day turns to night. Beliefs and illusions can be stripped away during eclipses yet create strong directional tugs towards spiritual endeavors.

SiriusDuring August, Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens next to our own Sun, returns by peeping out from behind our solar Sun in the pre-dawn hours. It's arrival was a high-point in the Egyptian culture, signaling the start of the new year as well as the Nile's annual flooding. You may remember during the full Lunar Eclipse gathering on Feb. 20, 2008 that Sirius, known as the Christ Consciousness influence, was one of the stars in a planetary alignment that included Regulus (the lawgiver) and Saturn, the planet of responsibility and accountability. In that springtime alignment of new beginnings, the energies of compassion and love poured from Sirius through the lensPerseid Meteor Showers of Regulus onto the earth. In August it rejuvenates the power of this compassionate loving energy.

From 8/8 - 8/14 - the famous Perseid meteor showers which have appeared in the August skies for over 2000 years, also return. The Perseids are the debris field from their parent comet known as the Swift-Tuttle Comet which was discovered in 1862. Is there a coincidence that one of the major ley lines in Sarasota is marked by a road which is known as Swift and Tuttle? What's the coincidence that several spiritual centers are on that road, three of which held the anchoring energies of the Prism of Light?

On August 8, 2008, or 8.8.8 a triple "infinity" portal opens on the same day that the eyes of the world turn towards China and the start of the summer Olympics. This portal holding 24 points in a star formation, opens and magnifies the Christ Consciousness Light of Sirius. 8.8.8 is at the time of the second moon of the Cygnussouth gate teaching us about the power from the heart center. We are being taught to be
courageous and to hold our own magnificent light as leaders; to hold the ideals of unity and the true spirit of the "games" in our hearts.

Cygnus also known as the Northern Cross makes its appearance high above the eastern horizon in summer. This constellation forming a Swan, is believed to be the star in our Milky Way Galaxy with which our sun will align on Dec. 21, 2012. The heralded golden age of peace comes on the wings of this bird. There'll be more on this powerful peace star Cygnus, the blue light, the gamma rays it emits, and how it affects us in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

As if those cosmic events weren't enough, we'll also experience our last partial Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse on August 16th visible in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. This is our last Lunar Eclipse for the year, the next one occurring in February 2009. Eclipses allow us to release old thoughts, emotions and baggage that no longer serve us in this higher frequency vibration.

It's quite a cosmic month in store for us. So how do these celestial happenings affect us? Everything in our manifest universe is energy, light and frequency. We are energy, light and frequency. Large astronomical objects or events have impacts on the planets as well as on us for nothing is separate. Solar winds for example affect the earth's magnetic field causing the northern lights known as the aurora borealis. The winds also affect and disrupt communications, satellite and radio waves and electronics. The moon's gravitational pull affects the tides and our moods. Even what we call "empty space" is actually composed of different forms of energy made up of gas, particles, protons and electrons that affect satellites, spacecraft, and yes the electromagnetic energy fields around each one of us.

As Quantum Physics explains it, light is either a wave or a particle. When an Observer observes the light it becomes particles. Remove the observer and it becomes waves. The act of observation changes the "reality." In our observation and our awareness of these Cosmic events we as energy beings have the capability of changing our individual or collective reality.

In conscious awareness, we can affect major changes in ourselves as we focus on the cosmic energy array available to us. Meditations done this month at dawn during the rising of Sirius and especially on 8.8.8, will open powerful gateways of cosmic love through the individual's heart center and into the heart center of the planet. During this time of the calendar year 2008 - a numerological year of new beginnings - we can re-write the script and the story's ending. We can observe any event and by the act of observing it, change the way it's perceived and thus its reality. We can energetically harmonize and re-balance everything in our sphere of influence by conscious awareness, focus, and intention.

In that conscious awareness, we can step into the rising dawn of our own individual awakening. In that individual awakening and focus we will affect our own electromagnetic field and in turn all those with whom we come into contact. It can be done day by day or moment by moment. Each day and each moment is a new beginning allowing us to live consciously in this newly created reality. Ride the waves of loving Cosmic co-creation!