Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Being in the Vortex - Abraham

Being in the Vortex
From the Abraham-Hicks Conference

When we learned Esther & Jerry Hicks were returning to Florida we booked a ticket for Orlando. Attending an Abraham seminar is like receiving a spiritual shot of caffeine. No matter where you're sitting, no matter what question you want answered, everyone and every thing in the room is carried on a wave to a higher state of vibration in an energetic frequency that is palpable.

The basic teachings of Abraham declare we are eternal energy beings who come into this physical world to experience and explore the great variety of contrasts available to us. Our thoughts and desires attract that which is like us, to us. When we enjoy the contrasts, explore the variety, understand what we want and what we don't want, enjoy the things we like and ignore the things we don't like, then we live in a vortex of exhilaration where we can and do create everything.

As questions came from those selected to sit in the "hot seat" Abraham honed in on two emotions - feeling good or feeling bad. Like the food from a buffet, we choose the foods we like and ignore the food we don't like. The more we choose the things we like or that feel good, the more other things that feel good line up for us. The closer we get to the things we like, the bigger the vortex of energy or attraction we create around us and the further away the things we don't like recede.

Explaining the vortex, Abraham said there will "always be a new contrast to reach for" because "at the end of each sound wave or vibration the nature of our physical world is that there will always be another want or vibration." Explaining the concept of Death and the Law of Karma, Abraham said "when you feel you've achieved everything" then it's over. We withdraw our energy from the physical. Yet the larger non-physical part of us always remains connected to Source, so "Source sends out another rocket of itself to experience the contrasts." The next sentence requires an expansion of our limited and linear understanding of existence. "In the simultaneously occurring worlds of self, all of which are launching desires, there's an interaction and a rebirth."
(Note - The Seth Material by Jane Roberts which was published in 11 volumes, explores multi-dimensional universes and selves occurring simultaneously. Yale University maintains an extensive archive collection on the personal journals and unpublished works of Jane Roberts.)

Responding to a father's question about his daughter's desire to be a history teacher, Abraham said, "Do not take your children's experiences away from them. Better to teach them how to be in alignment with their feelings of good and bad and how to be closer to their Source." Asked by another how to get into the vortex, Abraham gave the following examples. Meditation was the fastest way. Do the easy things first - walk on the beach, garden, read an uplifting book, or listen to sweet music. When you find yourself in activities that have no feelings of angst or resistance, you're in the vortex.

In every issue of this newsletter there's a reminder of the power of holding thoughts of peace for 68 seconds. Abraham, using the example of a thought held in imagery as being in alignment with the vortex, said "one person in the vortex can have an effect on one million."

There were several questions about relationships and about the environment and the world we now live in. Giving examples of being out of the vortex in relationships, Abraham said "if you ignore yourself to please another you're out of the vortex" and "If you give your love freely and notice it not coming back to you, you're out of the vortex." Regarding the almost 7 billion people inhabiting the planet, they said "The planet is balanced by non-physical - everything is in perfect alignment." On the human condition and those in or out of the vortex Abraham said "The fearful humans are dying off. Appeal to the humans coming in, not to the ones dying. The appeal is being in the vortex. People who want the status quo are out of the vortex. More and more humans are reaching out for alternative fuel sources, wind farms, and a new way of living. They are connecting to Source and are in the vortex. Loving life, the planet and it's beauty and abundance is in the vortex."

So what's the vortex? It's a place of appreciation. It's a place where we can feel a rampage of exhilaration for life, it's gifts, it's experiences and it's abundance. When you're in that place, you want for nothing yet anything and everything becomes possible.

Jo - June 8, 2009