Monday, January 4, 2010

The Numerology of 2010

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The Numerology of 2010

As we head into the start of 2010 let's look at the numerology of the year. 2010 is a 3 year. It's a powerful number of self-expression. The Chinese master teachers saw 3 as a perfect number, while the Egyptians called it the number of the cosmos. It's similarity to the universal OM symbol is unmistakable.

Many of life's events and passages are referenced in threes. For example: Third time is a charm; Things always happen in threes; Time is viewed as past, present and future; Stories are written with a beginning, a middle and an end. Esoterically,
human existence happens in threes - birth, death, rebirth. In the physical dimension, all colors in the visible spectrum come from three primary colors.

Wisdom teachers tell us that 3 is the number of the trinity. It refers to the three aspects of the human - body, mind and spirit, or the physical, mental and spiritual parts of our being. Three also represents the number of the family unit - mother, father and child.

In numerology, it is the number representing any form of self-expression or communication whether in spoken or written words. In its harmonious expression it can be a rewarding and exiting year. But without proper balance, self-expression and communication can turn negative, giving way to gossip or superficiality. Without understanding and focus it can create withdrawal and a retreat from society, causing us to become a hermit or a recluse.

The number 3 represents the child in each of us summoning the courage to stand up and do what it is destined to in a balanced way. In 2010, we are summoned to become the new Divine Child, supported and guided by the Divine Mother and Divine Father. We are the Children of the Sun building the new Earth.

In 2010, we have the opportunity to grow towards our full potential. It is the year we finally take responsibility for our personal self-expression and for those things that we bring into creation. There's no one left to blame for we have become the keepers of the dawning new earth. In 2010 we accept sole accountability for ourselves, our actions and our creations. It will be 9 more years - in 2019 - before another opportunity like this occurs again.

Jo Mooy January 4, 2010