Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Starsoundings Journals Mar. 16, 2009

Heart-Centered Focus

In last month's Journal we explored Gregg Braden's Fractal Time and were introduced to the Global Coherence Initiative. This groundbreaking scientific work seeks to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention called "heart resonance." It was launched by the Institute of HeartMath, a non-profit global leader that researches emotional physiology and heart-brain interactions. While all this may sound like scientific psycho-babble, be assured its based on scientific knowledge of the electromagnetic fields that surround us and on practical applications that each of us can use and benefit from in our daily lives.

Science has already shown that a few weeks before volcanic or seismic activity, the earth's electromagnetic field changes. Scientists are now exploring how the fields generated by all living things interact with one another. For example, the earth and the ionosphere generate frequencies in the same range as a human heart and brain. This research shows that changes in the earth's magnetic field are associated with changes in brain and nervous system activity and affect the rhythms of the heart more strongly than all the physiological functions studied so far. There's evidence to suggest that in some cases, brainwaves can synchronize with the rhythm of the electromagnetic waves generated in the earth's ionosphere. When people say they "feel" an impending earthquake or weather changes, it's possible that they may be reacting to the actual physical signals that occur in the earth's field prior to the event.

Can the reverse be true? Can human emotion affect the electromagnetic field? Global Coherence Initiative researchers theorize that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with a common emotional feeling, the collective response can affect the activity in the earth's field both positively and negatively. Research at the Institute of HeartMath, shows that emotions not only create coherence or incoherence in our bodies, but, like radio waves, also radiate outward and are detected by the nervous systems of others in our environment. Princeton University researchers have provided convincing evidence that human consciousness and emotion create or interact with a global field. The electromagnetic measurements had wide spikes above normal during the terrorists attacks on 9/11. More intriguing was the fact that the random number generators were significantly affected some four to five hours prior to the attack, suggesting perhaps a worldwide collective intuition about the impending event. Two NOAA weather satellites also displayed significant spikes during the 9/11 attack.

We have evidence much closer to home. Last month on Valentine's day, over 50 people came together with people all over the world to chant AH, the Universal sigh of appreciation at noon. In synchronized harmony at Unity's Labyrinth, we chanted for peace on earth. Jonathan Goldman who originated World Sound Healing Day, sent out a graph (copy on right) of the Princeton Global Consciousness Project which shows the heart resonance of the chant (in red) during the time of the worldwide meditation and chanting.

So how does this apply to me? Meditations, prayers, affirmations and intentions can and do affect the world. Researchers suggest that these activities have more transformative and lasting impact when heart coherence is added to the process. Heart coherence is a distinct mode of synchronized feelings associated with sustained positive emotion. It is a state of energetic alignment and cooperation between heart, mind, body and spirit. In coherence, energy is accumulated, not wasted, leaving you more energy to manifest intention and harmonious outcomes.

Adding heart coherence to meditation, prayer and intention practices is an important aspect of the Global Coherence Initiative. It adds order and increased effectiveness to whatever form of practice you are doing. You can learn more about the fields of energy and track your own personal resonance by joining the Global Coherence Initiative. You'll be guided on where to focus your heart energy with others all over the world. Membership in this worldwide community is free. Tools and tracking information are provided on the website so that you can monitor and learn more about this effort.

Together, we will change the resonance of humanity and change the energetic field around the earth, bringing about the shift into the new age.

Heart blessings to all,
Jo - March 16, 2009

Starsoundings Journals Feb. 23, 2009

Into the Heart of the New Age
Gregg Braden

About ten of us trekked to Unity of Naples on the last weekend of January to hear Gregg Braden, author, visionary and scientist, present a weekend workshop based on his latest work, Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age. If you've never been to a Braden seminar, he's exciting, personable, knowledgeable and very interactive with the audience. Even though there were 500 people in the auditorium, you had the feeling he was speaking directly to you.

Fractals are patterns in nature that continually repeat themselves in scale, creating the world around us. Using that foundation, Braden took us on a journey of recognizing that the changes we're going through are part of larger cycles in time. He identified the convergence of three "End Times" cycles by explaining the significance of the 1) Mayan Calendar and Hopi Prophecies, 2) the Precession of the Equinox and 3) the earth's crossing of the center of the galactic equator. He presented scientific research and studies showing that these three events happen simultaneously on Dec. 21, 2012.

He shared that at the end of every major cycle there were not only prophecies of world endings but also significant human and
global changes recorded in polar ice and written about in ancient texts. But in this time, we're the only generation living when all three cycles, (the end of the Mayan 5th cycle; the end of the 25,626 precession of the equinox; and the crossing of the galactic center) are coming together at the same time. In this convergence of 3 powerful cycles we're witnessing dramatic climate changes, influxes of new diseases, a decrease in our ability to grow food, regional conflicts across the world, and nuclear exchange possibilities. But also an opportunity to transform ourselves and our world.

Showering us with scientific studies, journals, and data from satellites, he explained that we've experienced many earth changes, including polar shifts, and decreases in the earth's magnetic field before, but this time we have a profound opportunity to get it right. Quoting Arnold Glasgow who said, "The future is the past returning through another gate" Braden assured us we can learn from past mistakes and make changes in our present conditions. By this time in the program his optimism had us on the edge of our seats as we hung on every word and slide.

He said the earth and ionosphere generate a range of frequencies that are in the same range of the human heart and brain. Scientific data shows that strong collective emotions have an effect on the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth. Positive emotions produce positive changes in the cells of the body and in brainwaves while negative emotions produce the opposite effect. Our collective feelings are influencing the energy fields around ourselves and that of the earth in an unseen matrix. And, our collective feelings and beliefs are the substance connecting us to one another. If we can stay in a high resonance of positive emotions with one another we can affect change in us and our world.

To prove his point, he had the entire audience participate in a "heart coherence" exercise. An audience member was attached to an EM-Wave biofeedback machine which registered her heart rate and resonance. When the woman volunteer was connected to the EM-Wave she was in the "red zone" instead of the more desirable "blue or green zone." Braden acknowledged that all of us register at a low resonance (red zone) for 90% of our day. He asked the audience to hold hands with the last person holding the woman's hand. He then led us in a gentle heart visualization meditation. With the entire audience connected by touch and heart to the woman we watched as her heart rate changed and the color of the EM-Wave moved to the high resonance green zone.

He told us about the Global Coherence Initiative - a worldwide scientific organization with a mission to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention, shifting global consciousness from instability and discord to cooperation and peace. It's led by a who's who of scientists and spiritual leaders around the world and has the interest of the Obama Administration. By aligning daily with positive emotions, we serve as pro-active facilitators in increasing heart-coherence and changing the energy field of the planet. (More on this in a future newsletter.)

It was the first scientific experiment that proved to the audience that collectively we can truly do something about the situations we find ourselves in. The focus is to "live in the heart" - the same thing Drunvalo taught in Miami. But now, we have tools, devices and meditations that show us when we're in a high state of heart-resonance.

Everyone returned from this weekend workshop energized and still talking about it, three weeks later.

Towards a world of high resonance blessings,

Jo - Feb. 23, 2009

Starsoundings Journals Feb. 9, 2009

Living In The Heart
Drunvalo Melchizidek

Flower of Life teacher, author and wisdom keeper Drunvalo Melchizidek led a group of 100 students who came from all over the world in a powerful 6-day class called Living in the Heart. If you've been to a Drunvalo workshop you know the material presented covers a thought-provoking range of information for the student to explore. Miami was no exception. Thank you to Lee DeOvies who took excellent notes and photos to share with us.

Drunvalo covered topics ranging from the Chakras, Creating with the Brain, Crystals, Healing, and the latest on the Mayan Prophecy, to the Merkaba and Living in the Heart. Drunvalo, who originated the Flower of Life Merkaba meditation, now focuses on Living in the Heart. It's a meditation that connects us
in a unity breath honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky then forming a trinity by entering the heart center. He's been guided to teach worldwide this message: "You are One with the Creator of this universe, and you always have been. There never has been a time when you were not One, and there never will be a time when this is not true. Because you and I are One with the Creator, you and I can personally change the world and bring peace and beauty to this entire planet. But you must change yourself first. You simply have to remember who you were before you fell into this very dark place."

Because of Lee's lengthy notes this Journal will only present the Mayan information and Living in the Heart as they're related in many ways.

Mayan Indigenous Prophecy - In November 2008 the Mayan Council, comprised of one elder from each of the 400 tribes met in Guatamala along with members of the Hopi, Kogi and other indigenous groups and guests which included Drunvalo. They said after 526 years of silence it was time for Mayan History to be written and told by the Maya themselves who were custodians of the truth of the hieroglyphs. The
book which will be available soon, calls for "the end time ceremony to begin in Sedona and end in Hopi lands - after the ceremonies the creators would come forth." Comet Holmes appearance last fall was declared to be the blue star of the Hopi prophecy which signaled the beginning of the end times. To complete the prophecy, indigenous tribes from all over the world plan to gather on Hopi lands in April of this year to hold council and ceremony for the "end times."

The Mayan say the Hopi are Mayans who were sent north during the last destruction of the earth. Book #16 tells of past end times. The Mayans want to teach us from past experiences and prepare us on how to "stay in the heart connected to Pachamama and Father Sky." If we remain in the brain or mental state we will always be held in the power of polarization, creating what we wish but also what we don't want. In the physical center of the human body, the location of the heart within the heart center, there is only positive, loving, unified, oneness.

Living in the Heart - Finding this sacred space, Drunvalo says, is the beginning of true ascension. It is simply moving from the brain and its mental realm to the heart. In order to reach it, the spirit must intend it and then hold a particular vibration.

Using diagrams of the human brain which has its own heart center, Drunvalo said moving into the heart was not a mental journey. It's a movement of spiritual intention that then focuses on "feeling the way" as the two hearts connect. The first step is to feel Mother Nature, feeling love in your heart and feeling her love return. The second step is, while connected to Mother Earth, connect with Father Sky, feeling the grandeur and power of the cosmos. Feel the love of the Father returned to the Mother and you, the Child. While in this state a connection is made with the heart forming a trinity. This trinity creates a vibration allowing access to the sacred space within.

In the sacred space there's a vortex which pulls you inside. There's stillness in this place which holds all-knowing, and your Akashic records. In this sacred space, your connection with Higher Self resides. It is the place of your purpose and your deepest heart's desires. In times of stress, distress, or anxiety, we can move from the mental realms to the place of tranquility in the heart. It requires conscious focus, practice and determination. From that place, ease, peace and calm returns. Drunvalo said, "Ascension into the higher spiritual worlds is not a process that only the saints and holy ones could achieve. It's for all who choose this path of the Heart while living here on Earth right now. Ascension can be realized without leaving this world, and while being awake to all that is in our Reality. The outer world is only a reflection and a creation of an inner world that has long been forgotten with our own Hearts."


Jo - Feb. 9, 2009

Starsoundings Journals Jan. 26, 2009

We Made It!

"Brace for impact!" The words could not have been more frightening to the passengers on Flight 1549 which set down in New York's Hudson River on January 15th. The news coverage was riveting as cameras focused on the evacuation and rescue of 155 souls from an intact aircraft that was floating down the river.

While watching the surreal drama unfolding I was struck not only by the miracle of survival but also by the numerology of what could have been a catastrophe. When the numbers were added together Flight 1549 was a #1, representing New Beginnings. Surely for every person onboard, the event would mark immense inner reflection about their lives. Some have already said it was a new lease on life or a chance to start over.

As more information was broadcast, we learned there were 155 passengers on board. These passengers collectively held the vibration of Master #11 representing influence on a global scale and holding the energy of the Peacemaker and Humanitarian. The world was certainly watching this event. The Peacemaker and Humanitarian energies were evident as the stories of service to one another and bold action inside the cabin were revealed in later newscasts.

The co-pilot was flying the plane at take-off. Then the more skilled pilot named 'Sully' Sullenberger (whose name in numerology is a #1- New Beginnings) took the controls from his co-pilot, gliding the plane to a bumpy but textbook perfect landing in the river. In waist-deep icy water, he walked the interior of the fuselage - twice - insuring all his passengers were safely out.

The Coast Guard film of the crash shows every passenger had evacuated the plane at exactly 3:33 pm. Master #333 represents a Trinity of Mind, Body, Spirit in accord and harmony. It also governs the evolution of the soul. Perhaps the passengers on the plane would agree as many of them felt their lives had been given back to them for "a greater purpose."

Stories emerged of heroism and human-caring by ordinary people doing ordinary acts of kindness while in a state of extraordinary chaos. Some prayed while others moved to quick action. Most said there was a stillness and an almost "otherworldly feeling" that engulfed them. The men wanted to get the women and children out first. From person to person, babies were handed over seat-backs to safety. A 62 year old man held a man half his age in safety as others struggled with an overturned life raft. Before takeoff, a Russian woman told her seatmates how terrified she was of flying. Yet, as the plane was making its turn and descent into the river it was she who held hands with her small group of women telling them, "We're going to live! it's going to be ok - it's going to be ok."

While reading about the heroic stories, this airplane crash became a simile for what's been happening in the country and around the world. We've seen the headlines on the Internet. "World Financial Markets Crash!" "Analysts, banks, investors in a tailspin!" The perception of immediate collapse, doom and gloom pervaded everything. It was as though dire powerful forces were converging and threatening to extinguish whatever we held dear. The feelings of fear and anxiety were palpable. Many experts ran around telling the king (and anybody else who would listen) that the sky had fallen. Others sat tight, quietly, expectantly, sometimes bracing for impact. Mostly we watched and waited.

Then somehow, something changed. A new "pilot" emerged in the national consciousness and took control. It was a man that Vedic Astrologers said "would save people from their own worst weaknesses" and whose essence was "pervaded with service to humanity and dedication to the future of the world." This "pilot" was also a #1. He was charismatic, inspired confidence, was a natural leader, and he asked us to step up to the plate and be in service to one another. He did not tell us to "Brace for Impact." Instead, he offered hope and change yet said he could not do it alone. He said we faced extraordinary challenges but we've succeeded before in times of other challenges and would again.

Like those passengers on Flite 1459, it's up to us to get out of the ditched plane together. We must help each other towards the goal of individual rescue. It's not up to somebody else. It's up to us to walk the fuselage making sure there's no one left behind or in need of help. We're on the threshold of leading in a new way, of developing new energy technology, and of uniting countries by capitalizing on our history of ministering to the world. As passenger Mark Hood of Charlotte said, "We made it!" This time, with this new pilot, in a new atmosphere in the country, change has come and we will make it. Globally and nationally all of us working together, will make it!

Jo - Jan. 26, 2009

Starsoundings Journals Jan 12, 2009

Master Number 11 Year - 2009
A Circle of Influence

In the esoteric teachings of Pythagoras all things in the universe hold a numerical value. The number 1 was the masculine number of reason. The number 2 was the feminine number of intuition and opinion bringing balance to 1. In numerology all numbers are added and reduced to single digits with the exception of the Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. These numbers have the potential for influence on a grand or global scale, either for good or bad.

The year 2009 a Master Number 11 called the Bringer of Light or the Illuminator. It holds the power of awareness, ideals and visions, allowing each person to find inner peace, strong convictions and deep perception. 11 is the number of the Peacemaker and the Diplomat who take inspiration from the spiritual planes of existence. In an 11 year we seek wisdom and understanding and then pass this knowledge on to others in a functional and helpful way, selflessly serving humankind.

This year is ultimately the gateway year to Christed Consciousness - becoming one with the Oversoul through the conscious awareness of connection with all Beings. Quantum scientist, Dr. Amit Goswami is convinced that in order for the universe to exist it requires an observer, a conscious sentient being; otherwise it's only a possibility. Where Pythagoras believed numbers were the foundation of the universe, quantum scientists, hold the view that consciousness, not matter, is the foundation of everything that exists.

If as Dr. Goswami believes consciousness creates the material world then by our collective consciousness we can not only affect the change we seek but become the sentient being creating it. As we move into the magnetism of this powerful 11 vibration what are we going to do to make this world a better place? As old structures and forms crumble, what will we create to replace them?

The world has been changed by people taking small steps with big hearts and big dreams. There's so much available to us right now as science and mysticism come together and time speeds up. There's a quickening in the atmosphere that we can do things and be better than we were. There's a feeling that we share common interests; there's a mood of humanitarianism and trust with one another. There's a knowing that our practices, disciplines, and pursuits call us to be in service to each other.

This is the year we go within and find the power inside, no longer surrendering it to others. In this year of illumination, we declare and become the Masters we've been seeking. Between the winter solstice and spring equinox there's an open gateway presented for each of us to take small directed steps into conscious awareness. We can consciously change our lives by changing our life situation or by changing our view of that life situation.

The Mystic Sufi Master Inayat Khan said: "A soul is as great as its circle of influence. The discord of thousands of people could be resolved, and thousands of people could be united into one harmony by the presence of one who unites them all. The influence of one soul may be felt in a village or in a whole country."

Each of us is a soul within a circle of influence. Our circles overlap into a magnificent web of light and support. What's the sign of such souls? It's the beneficial effect on one, five, ten or a hundred. It's a phone call to one in need when no contact was expected. It's a helping hand to someone in trouble. It's a kind word to a downtrodden individual. It's an afternoon healing visit at a hospital bedside. It's a prayer together when the call comes in late a night. It's recognition and gratitude for a service rendered. It's a donation from those who have more to those who have less. It's the compassionate service we provide to one another. In continuing our practices, meditations, and healing work and by serving our soul-circle with hearts filled with gentle love, we become the presence of one uniting others!

Let 2009 be the year we illuminate a lighted mandala of love in our own hearts and in the hearts of others! Let 2009 be the year that many individual souls influence and illuminate their villages, towns and countries! Let 2009 be the year we consciously create our New Earth!

Jo - Jan. 12, 2009