Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother Earth Speaks!

Mother Earth Speaks!

Mother Earth always gives signs to humans, but this year her voice has been
Iceland Volcano
much louder than normal. It's as though she's finally fed up with the abuses heaped upon her by human ignorance and greed and has decided to get our attention in much more powerful ways. Since January, seventeen major earthquakes measuring at least 7.0 have occurred around the planet - the most devastating in Haiti, Chile, China and Samoa. Worldwide, flooding has taken a toll on every continent and volcanoes are actively erupting in Iceland, Russia, Ecuador, Chile and Guatemala.

Before his death in 1945, psychic and "sleeping prophet" Edgar Cayce predicted significant earthquake activity in Iceland and on Mounts Vesuvius and Pelee. As of this writing, the Icelandic volcano continues to disrupt air travel all across Europe and now the Americas, and to impact the delivery of salmon from Norway to the rest of the world. In a reading in 1934 Cayce said "There will be upheavals in the Arctic
Edgar Cayce
and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes
." Could the melting glaciers be contributing to these "upheavals"?

Cayce continued, "The earth will be broken up in many places - South America will be shaken from its uppermost portion to its end." "If there are greater activities in the volcanoes on Iceland, Vesuvius or Pelee, then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada, may expect within the three months following, inundation by the earthquakes - more so in the Southern than the Northern Hemisphere." Following the eruption in Iceland, there was an earthquake near San Diego, and major flooding not only in Chile and Peru but also in the south central parts of the United States, in Europe, in Australia and in China.

He said that those people being born in this period of time (late 20th into 21st century) are purposely returning to the geographic areas of earth where they
Mayan Pyramid
previously lived or migrated to after the destruction of Atlantis. Some went to Peru or "west to what was called Yucatan or Mayan Land." These individuals have returned to incarnation to rectify the effects of their atomic, laser and technological inventions which contributed to the destruction of the world tens of thousands of years ago. They have settled in the same regions of the earth because they intuitively knew where their behavior had previously caused such great devastation and how they could use gentler ways to live in harmony with the earth. It is significant that the Mayan prophecies and messages from the Mayan elders have much greater visibility around the world with 2012 looming.

In another reading, Cayce told an individual that he was in Atlantis in the "second period of disturbance, or 28,000 years ago." He said the individual and his companions "left Atlantis to build up the Peruvian lands because the Atlanteans were
PumaPunku Temple
becoming decadent" as disputes between the "children of the Law of One and the children of Belial (evil) continued
." This reading clearly supports the theories of archaeologists who said the precise creation of the ancient stone walls at Tiwanaku and Aramu Muru were done by ancients who had highly developed technological capabilities. Some archaeologists have called Pumapunku, home of the largest stones of Tiwanaku, the "most important ancient site on earth - even greater than the Great Pyramid of Egypt." Archaeologists who have studied these highly polished diorite monuments date them to around 20,000 BC but said they are probably much older than that.

As modern day governments and politicians bicker over fossil fuel and energy policies, the dialogue often turns to the pros and cons of nuclear energy. The fears are that nuclear energy is not safe or can be used as weapons. The stories in the
Mahabharata Story
Hindu Mahabharata indicate atomic weapons may have been used on earth tens of thousands of years ago. This ancient Hindu "bible" reports that the world was destroyed by a nuclear war in the region between India and Pakistan when a "terrible weapon was launched." Even though Krishna deflects the missile it manages to "turn the sun around. The universe is scorched with heat as elephants and other creatures of the land, scorched by the energy of the weapon, ran in fright, breathing heavily and desirous of protection against that terrible force..." It continues, "A thick gloom suddenly shrouded the host. All points of the compass were enveloped by darkness. Inauspicious winds began to blow." Oppenheimer, who was creator of the atomic bomb and head of the Manhattan Project, believed that nuclear weapons were used in ancient India based on the description given in the Mahabharata.

So what does all this mean to each of us? It means that while there are ancient documents and prophecies that tell the stories of the planets cataclysms, the earth has managed to survive. It also means that the predictions of the ancient Maya and Hopi who looked to the stars to predict greater cosmic changes, or the more recent earth-change predictions of Edgar Cayce cannot be ignored. This is especially notable as the Hopi describe the destruction of the first, second, third and fourth worlds because "the people forgot their Creator."

Yet, while all the prophecies spoke of times of great trial, tribulation and destruction, they also offered signs of hope. These trials offer us an opportunity to do things in a different way and to consider alternatives instead of repeating the mistakes of the
Meditation in fourth dimensional consciousness
past. Cayce said the earth changes would herald a new consciousness on earth. He said it would be a time when we would learn to "treat thy neighbor as thyself" and to know "all nations are of one blood" and that "those who are to be the greater are to be the servants of all." He said that the "Children of the Law of One" did group meditations, prayer or focused concentration together which promoted deeper knowledge and understanding that resulted in them "entering into a fourth dimensional consciousness - where they could use Universal Forces that were guided and directed" by the angelic realm.

The "Children of the Sun" or "Children of the Law of One" who he said would return to rectify the sins of the past do so now as "servants of all." When dire events happen on the planet, there is an immediate response from them. The ongoing Gulf
Ceremony Gulf Oil Spill
Oil spill is a perfect example of this. Responses to the initial reports of the spill focused on blame, fear, and greed. As the oil continued to flow from the bottom of the ocean its real impact slowly became more evident. There was a growing awareness that the entire food chain in the gulf could be affected along with the livelihoods of fishermen and the tourist industry.

With hurricane season approaching and the potential of the oil moving into the Gulfstream, it was clear this was not just a Gulf problem, but one in which the entire world could be affected. While engineers, technicians, government officials and volunteers sprang into action to stem the oil and protect the wildlife, so too did those who "use and guide Universal Forces of the fourth dimensional consciousness."

Situations like this unfold continuously around the world under the watchful eyes of a coalition of "mindfulness organizations." In their vigilance, they see the potential
Patricia - Crystal Bowls
for bringing people together to solve the problems through heart-centered activities. The Global Consciousness Initiative asked its worldwide membership to go into their heart centers and to visualize the Gulf region, the land and the sea, as vibrant and thriving and to feel as if the highest and best outcome for all had already taken place.

In synchronous time, when that directive was set in place by GCI, local leaders of the spiritual community in southwestern Florida were already in action. The community immediately responded to a call to meet on the famous white crystal sands of Siesta Key Beach. In less than thirty-six hours and with minimal notification, fifty people joined the sunset gathering. Many who felt paralyzed with anxiety over the oil spill, or fearful of what would happen to the Gulf, responded quickly to being in service.
Norman plays didgeridoo

With the tones of the crown chakra and third eye chakra crystal bowls as backdrop, Rose Lettiere led a guided meditation to visualize and anchor an ethereal barrier reef around the spewing oil. With the group joining in heart coherence with the Global Consciousness members, the barrier reef was constructed from fourth dimensional consciousness. Through the grace of the angelic realms and the focused intentions of the group, it was asked that the ethereal reef remain in place until the physical barrier is safely erected.

As we witness the prophecies unfolding, we know there are always greater solutions that can be brought forward by the "Children of the Sun." We no longer have to remain in fear or anguish. We can proactively move to the heart center and create the solutions we wish to see. Especially as each of us must own the blame as well as create the solutions for what happens on the planet. And so we did in southwest Florida and around the world.

Balinese Ceremony
On the other side of the earth a Balinese group responded to the Gulf oil spill in tandem with us. A man named Nuadi came forward. Nuadi has few earthly possessions, has never gone more than five kilometers from his home and lives a life in service to others. He offered this prayerful benediction for all of humanity. His simple wisdom is shared here with all who might reflect on their own role in earth's disasters.

We are here to learn how to live.
When things we do not like are in our life
We can't get angry or push them away.
We have to bring them into us.

As Nuadi said the last line of his prayer, he reached out and wrapped his arms around the bad thing pulling it into his heart with a giant smile.

May we all wrap our arms around the bad things and smile from the heart!

Jo - June 1, 2010

Tibetan Monks - White Tara Sand Mandala

Tibetan Monks White Tara Sand Mandala

Gala Rinpoche with colored sands

If you didn't see the White Tara Sand Mandala painted by the monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery you missed a spectacular event. As part of the program called The Mystical Arts of Tibet, five monks spent a week painting a four-foot sand mandala in the Grand Foyer of the Van Wezel. In all the artistic traditions of Tantric Buddhism, painting with colored sand ranks as one of the most unique and exquisite.

I had the opportunity to spend five easy afternoons with the head of the monastery, Gala Rinpoche, talking about mandalas, meditation, Buddhism, illusion and impermanence. He explained that
the monks go through three years of rigorous training to learn this art. It
Day 2
includes meditation, geometry, breath control and a final initiation. In the shadow of a shrine to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, Gala Rinpoche explained that the monks had dedicated their meditations and intentions to White Tara who was in the center of the Mandala. Rinpoche explained how all emanations of the Goddess of Compassion (Red Tara, White Tara, etc.) emerged from the central Green Tara.

The monks spent the week meticulously creating the sand mandala from marble "dust" which had been colored using only vegetable and fruit dyes. In more ancient times, the sand was pulverized precious and semi-precious stones with lapis lazuli used for blue, amethyst for purple, rubies for red and emeralds for green. The
Community Mandala
mandala is delicately created grain by grain to generate the healing energies of the Goddess of Compassion upon all sentient beings.

Visitors had the opportunity to try their hand at the art of sand painting in a community mandala. It was not as easy as it looked. Several students from Ringling School of Art began the mandala with a floral pattern in the center before others joined in.

The Sand Mandala is a representation of the aspects of illusion and impermanence.
Urn - Deconstructed Mandala
was deconstructed at the end of the week. The deconstruction signified the impermanence of all existence. The sands were swept up in a sacred ceremony and placed in a bronze urn covered with silken altar cloths. It was then poured into the bay where the waters of the Gulf would carry the healing energies throughout the world.

Jo - April 5, 2010