Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Mandala In Global Harmonic Resonance

A Mandala in Global Harmonic Resonance

Amid the seeming noise, activity, and chaos we experience daily in our world there's a gentle fluctuation that moves rhythmically and unseen. Most people have no awareness of it, yet it has great impact on our lives. Sometimes a coincidental event brings it to consciousness in a way that makes it vivid and brilliant. It's called Coherent Resonance.

Coherence means there's a logical interconnectedness and balance between two things. Resonance is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. In a coherent system, one object may set another in motion if it shares the same vibration or frequency. An example of this is if you strike a tuning fork the vibration cases a second tuning fork which has not been struck to vibrate at the same frequency as the first.

Coherent Resonance means that two or more things are vibrating and interconnected in a balanced, unified, and harmonious energy wave. We 'silently' communicate with one another through our electromagnetic and bio-electrical energy fields in a larger global energy field of consciousness. When we meet someone for the first time and have an instant connection with them we're experiencing a coherent resonance. If we hear about an event which causes a powerful reaction in us, we're experiencing coherent resonance.

Is coherent resonance possible across distance and time? In the unified energy soup we live in, it would appear to be so. Ten months ago a mandala emerged from cosmic mind while in meditation. It coalesced into a vision that said bring the community together in an event focused on prayers, intentions, and blessings for planetary peace. The drawing of the mandala and the vision it represented was presented to the community. Like a tuning fork being struck, it resonated harmoniously with everyone who heard about it and wanted to be a part of it.

The mandala came to be known as the Crystal of Peace Mandala. It was blessed by Tibetan Lamas and the leaders of Spiritual Centers. It was toned by Hindustani classical musicians. It was anointed in sacred ceremony in gatherings. Then the canvas drawing, with more than 200 facets in its design, was colored by hundreds of men, women and children in the community, each one imbuing it with their wishes and prayers for mother earth and all humanity. The Mandala was dedicated in a large ceremony on the Summer Solstice 2009.

The story of this unique Florida spiritual community, the Prism of Light, (which was the first iteration of the vision,) and the resulting Crystal of Peace Mandala was shared casually in conversation with the editor of Spirit of Maat based in Sedona, AZ. Another coherent resonance was toned when the editor, hearing the 'frequency of the story' asked to publish it in the May Issue of the magazine. The coherent resonance sounded loudly after publication like many tuning forks being struck in symphonic harmony.

Upon reading the story, many wrote from all over the world asking for more information about the mandala and to learn more about the spiritual community in Sarasota, FL. One said, "Reading your words I could sense the prism's harmonic in my cells, beginning to feel the sound of its shape." A few were even drawn to visit this area after reading about the Prism and the Mandala. But one contact sounded a harmonic resonance greater than all the rest.

The leader of a group in northwestern Spain wrote to say they had a spiritual center called Dragonfly that was a very special place offering different activities and workshops. But their most powerful work was a monthly gathering focused on Mandalas. She described the "amazing energy" of their center and noted that many synchronous events were happening. One of them was "accidentally finding the Crystal of Peace Mandala" through the Spirit of Maat Magazine. The resonance of the mandala crossed time zones and continents, speaking to the group with great clarity. She said, "When I read about all the work you are doing there I felt completely connected to all of you and your work, as we are working the same line here." She said it was "about the Nagual." For those not familiar with the term, it was used in the work of Carlos Castaneda. Nagual means the greater alternate dimension of reality of which most humans are unaware. A magician or sorcerer is one who has harnessed and commands the sacred knowledge.

She wrote asking for a copy of the Crystal of Peace Mandala so that their "Intensivos de Mandalas" group could join in and create in Spain what had been done in Florida. She continued, "I want to honor this mandala so people can paint it in our next workshop." Each person in the Dragonfly Mandala Intensive was guided to color their own version of the Crystal of Peace Mandala. Each one held a vision and toned their own notes and colors in response to what had been created as a community in Florida.

These images represent a selection from the twenty mandalas Dragonfly created. There's an implicit harmony and resonance with the original mandala because the template was used. But these colors are electric, fluid and dynamic. Though each one is unique in color there's synergy in the overall pattern of the original which carries the imprint of Peace across the continents. One of the Spanish mandalas caught my attention as it was so similar in colors and feeling to one I painted called the New Earth Template of Peace which was exhibited at Sarasota's Expressive Arts Gallery Mandala show this year.

And so it was that a seemingly "coincidental event" called The Crystal of Peace Mandala entered the stream of universal consciousness. It grew into an interconnected harmonic when thousands around the world heard of it. It became an organic entity when it was anchored in Spain, birthing more like unto itself. It lives now in the global energy field of consciousness silently waiting for the next note to be toned.

Jo - November 2, 2009