Monday, November 1, 2010


The Carrier Waves

At one of our gatherings on behalf of the people and wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill, I watched the waves' crest, splash down, and push a foamy residue to shore.  The waves came in a rhythmic cycle, moving through the water as if they had been created by an unseen guidance system.  This force propelled the waves forward even as the water itself appeared not to move. 

Every so often, a larger wave, more powerful than the others, came.  It was a Carrier Wave moving with much greater force and speed and causing delighted squeals from the children playing in the surf as the wave tumbled over them.  The big wave carried a different pattern as it pushed ahead of the smaller waves coming in behind it.  The smaller, mimicking the mold of the larger wave, revealed cycles within cycles.

The endless waves were a metaphor of cycles that have been happening on earth for eons.   They served as a reminder that within the endless repetitions of smaller cycles, a guiding force was unfolding a greater plan within a much bigger cycle.  Two years shy of 2012 (the end of the Mayan Fifth World) we're witnessing the collapse of infrastructures and institutions that no longer serve the incoming waves.  Banking, health-care, education, jobs, governments, religion, and political parties are being challenged on all fronts.  Citizens of most countries, content in viewing their world from one perspective only, now face the prospect of a new normal. 

Yet, another Carrier Wave is approaching that will re-balance the seats of power and influence.  Different countries and unique individuals are stepping forward to lead the world into its next wave of unfolding.  These individuals are directing changes from small mindedness to big heartedness.  But who are they and where did they come from?  They are us! 

Perhaps it was the brilliant sun beating down on the beach that afternoon, but in a flash of inspiration I heard an inaudible voice say "All is well!"  Those three words spoke volumes at a cellular and energetic place within my being.  In the state where inspiration is transmuted into a state of "knowing" I was filled with an all-pervading hope.  I experienced the Gulf's waves as "the waves" of those who had come before.  Amid perceived darkness, they brought uplifting messages to the planet from unseen worlds.  At that moment I knew that in all periods of history, whether in good or bad times, messengers have always come to help the cause of humanity.

From the gruesome wave of the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment, the messengers arrived in Carrier Waves one after another, breaking up the old belief systems and replacing them with new ideas and thoughts.  As each older generation died out, they carried with them on the outgoing tide, the beliefs that had sustained them.  With their departure from the world of existence, the consciousness still on earth was being prepared for new ideas to be brought forward when the next wave crested.  

The incoming idea-messengers came as soul groups migrating onto a planet that was ready for new thinking.  Though the mass of humanity was not aware of the impact at the time, these messengers and their messages moved through the medium of our collective consciousness, wiping the sands clean and bringing in new ideas and beliefs.  Some were "Carrier Wave Groups" whose messages had a much greater and longer lasting impact than the smaller though still significant groups that quietly went about implementing the new patterns.  Each collective Soul Group held an ideal, a thought, or a message, that was contained within the medium of the Great Carrier Wave.   The ideals or thought-forms held weight according to its nature.  High ideals of universal love were lighter than air, while fear, hatred and death were heavy, dragging everyone down. 

Influential Carrier Wave Soul-Groups came to earth in the mid-1800's to the mid-1900's embodying the universal balance of dark and light.  Some appeared with peaceful uplifting messages while others were intent on war and destruction.  Though they were raised in different cultures and countries, these messengers had a profound consequence on the world stage, affecting countries, religions and science.  Their orderly arrival, coming on the heels of the departing groups who ushered in the Revolutions of the 1700's, created an opening for "new thought" concepts to take hold.

Members of the dark Yin Soul Group (Adolph Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin) changed the map of the world by waging 'the greatest war civilization has known.'  Yet a spiritually oriented Yang Soul Group (Yogananda, Alice Bailey, Thomas Edison, NiKola Tesla, Susan B. Anthony, Edgar Cayce) balanced the Yin.  They arrived as a group of light-workers who left far greater legacies after their departure than while they were on earth.  As the Yin group brought darkness, death and destruction to earth, the Yang group balanced the atmosphere of the planet with illuminated concepts like metaphysics, electricity, women's rights, electro-magnetic energy, education, sustainable agricultural, psychic phenomena and the even more spiritually advanced notion of human divinity.  

During World War II, as 70 million souls left the planet, they carried away with them the horrors of a world at war.  As that wave receded consciousness was prepared for a more awakened planet.  The incoming Carrier Wave known as Baby Boomers returned in mass numbers.  The Yang Group, whose values were decidedly against conflict, marched against war, saw the unity of all races, and preached love, harmony, and respect for the environment.  The balancing Yin Group of the Baby Boomer Carrier Wave became tycoons of business influencing a capitalist mentality that created extravagant consumerism and the accumulation of money.  

About fifty years after this wave arrived, the ideals they brought somewhat converged.  While pillaging the earth created wealth for many, they realized that the by-products of that activity caused pollution which affected everyone.  When rampant consumerism filled homes and then landfills with unnecessary products, the economic downturn raised the question, "Why do we need all this stuff?" 

Smaller waves were already considering a different way to live harmoniously on the planet.  Billionaires like Bill Gates who created the age of personal computing, turned his formidable wealth into a charitable foundation which increased opportunities for hundreds of million of people in developing countries to overcome hunger and poverty.  Others, seeking to uplift planetary consciousness, turned to science and religion for answers.  They explored NikolaTesla's work in Quantum Physics which said we are not separated from each other, or from our surroundings.  They embraced Spiritual giants like Paramahansa Yogananda, Ernest Holmes and Vivekananda whose teachings said humans are not separate from God but are divine spirits.  Yin and yang, science and religion were coming together. 

Like all wave-cycles before it, the Baby Boomer Carrier Wave must also pass.  But there's an even greater wave right behind it that carries spectacular Group Souls who will enrich and transform our current spiritual ideals into practical form.  Some call them Indigo, Rainbow, or Crystal children.  We already see them in the young people of all nations who seem to know more at their age than we did at the same age.  They are already stepping forward into roles that belie their youth.  They are challenging governmental authorities, asking for better treatment of all people, and advocating respect for the planet.  

These are the magnificent children of the New Earth Spiritual Carrier Wave.  With ideas of universal love and global harmony, they are committed to the spiritual illumination to the planet.  As our wave departs, we can surely take heart in knowing the cycles continue.  In gratitude to the "unseen force" propelling the cycles within the cycles, the next Carrier Wave is here!  Earth is in the beautiful hands of a new generation of messengers.  And as the inaudible voice on the beach said, "All is well!"
Jo - November 2010