Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Divine Message on a Panel Truck

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A Divine Message on a Panel Truck

"The 'so-and-so group' is going to Peru."

"What do you think? Should we go?"

"I'm not sure if it feels right."

"Then let's wait until it does."

For over two years, the conversations unfolded like that without any commitment made to any of the trips. That is until Jorge Luis Delgado sent an email in May announcing a gathering of spiritual groups, tribal leaders, religious leaders, teachers and lightworkers at Lake Titicaca for a sacred ceremony called Reactivating the Solar Disk. The email went on to say he would explain the trip in more detail when he arrived in Sarasota at the end of June. And so the conversations began again. "Jorge wants us to go to Peru. What do you think? Should we go? Etc, etc."

It's clear that no one needs to physically go anywhere to do this spiritual work. Every one of us can be just as energetically effective at a distance or while present at the event. Yet, there was something about this trip that felt like it was 'a calling.' It felt different on many levels. So, we asked for guidance from the world of spirit to come in either dreams or meditations. Little did we know that in less than 72 hours it would come in such a profound and meaningful way.

While preparing for meditation one morning a feeling swept the room with a clear message. "Go to the Shrine of St Michael's in Tarpon Springs!" Without knowing if there was even a Shrine to St Michael's in Tarpon Springs we decided to go to Tarpon Springs that morning and find out. But during the meditation we got parts of a well-known symbol that was important to both of us. The symbol, called The Sacred Dalet, is a blessed seal placed on the back of all the Mandalas. In Patricia's meditation she saw the Mandala Dalet Symbol which looks like the number 7 with two half moons and two squiggly equal signs. (Photo right.) I saw the number 5 with a curl coming out of the top of it. Both of these symbols would become meaningful on the drive to Tarpon Springs.

We both had no idea why we were going to Tarpon Springs on such sudden notice but knew there had to be a reason. As we drove onto the I-75 Interstate we opened a channel to spirit asking to be shown the reason for this trek and also for guidance on going with Jorge to Peru. As we drove we began to notice billboards and car license plates with messages that appeared to be signs directly related to what we'd asked. There were so many that Patricia said "We can't put meaning into every billboard we pass." And yet, each one had a clear message.

Before long an old navy blue car passed us then pulled into the lane in front of us. In the back window of the car, written in large hand-written white block letters, was the number 5 with the curled top. It was the same design I'd seen in meditation that morning. But even more surprising, the curly topped 5 was followed by the watery squiggly equal sign with two half moons. It looked like this: 5 = )). We were awed by that handwritten symbol in the back window which combined both of the symbols we'd received in meditation. After that, the messages became more frequent. We had a sense that our question, "Should we go to Peru with Jorge?" was going to be answered.

As we continued north on the Interstate a white panel truck came up alongside. The logo on the side of the truck said Longboat Construction. This is when the answer from Spirit became unmistakable. Over the Longboat Construction name was a large Incan mask with the sun emerging behind the face in bold colors like the Peruvian Incan sun masks. We were stunned by the message. Even now, writing this account, it sounds farfetched. How did a white construction panel truck, that just happened to have a Peruvian Incan mask as part of its logo, appear next to our car, on I-75, during an unplanned day trip, at a moment in time and space, in answer to a question we'd both released to spirit less than an hour earlier?

There were many more messages enroute to the Shrine of St. Michael's that day. We passed a huge billboard with this message: 888-Admit it! On August 8, 2008 twenty-two women held a pipe ceremony to honor the portal date 8.8.8. During the meditation that evening Rev. Sharon Elizabeth received a vision to activate a crystal template of light on 9.9.9 at Lake Titicaca in Peru. Another billboard said: "You Can Certainly Choose." A third sign said "Be Gold" which we felt was a reference to the Reactivation of the Golden Sun Disk of Aramu Muru.

The billboard messages were clear but the reason for visiting the Shrine was still unclear. We finally arrived at St. Michael's, spending hours that felt like minutes. The tiny white church in an old neighborhood of small homes, was filled with silver and gold icons to St Michael and the Madonna. It was built by Maria Tsalickis, the wife of a Greek sponge diver, as a promise made in 1939 to St. Michael for saving her dying 11-year old son. In the time there we learned about Maria, her son Steve, and the many healings from cancer, blindness, and terminal illnesses that visitors had received while petitioning St. Michael in the chapel. While this was certainly uplifting, it didn't answer the underlying question of why were we told to go to St. Michael's.

Not until we returned home and began to spend weeks researching Michael did we learn of his relationship to the Sun, to Peru and to the Re-Activation of the Solar Disk. St. Michael is actually the Archangel Michael known as "the highest of the seven mountains of creation" and who is called the "Sun Spirit" according to the Book of Enoch - a book left out of the Bible by canonical decree. His name is actually Me-Ka-El which means the Spirit of Light. All of the Archangel names end in 'El', the name of the 'elder' race of 'light' immortals that colonized the ancient earth.

Pre-Egyptian Chaldaean Magi told of a Sun-God that gave life to and protected the inhabitants of the earth. To the Egyptians, Ra was known as the Sun-God, the solar deity responsible for life on earth. In the Talmudic tradition the name Michael originated in Babylon and meant "who is like God." In Greek Mythology Apollo is the God of Illumination or Light and is often depicted as the Sun moving across the heavens. Eventually, the "Sun-God" attributes of a solar deity were carried into Christianity from ancient cultures and assigned to the Archangel Michael.

The relationship between Peru and the Sun God is older than our recorded history. In the book Secret of the Andes, it is revealed that the Pre-Incas came to Peru from the "last remnant of a large ancient island in the Pacific 30,000 years ago." The High Priests who arrived built a Temple of the Sun which eventually housed an artifact known as the Golden Sun Disk. Later, Chancas, Quero and Incas honored the Sun as the giver of life and the ancestor of the people, building temples to the Sun along the Great Diagonal Ley Line stretching from Lake Titicaca to Cuzco.

George Hunt Williamson relates a channeled message from Archangel Michael in January 1956 which said: "Many temples have been raised into the etheric realms. Some day they will be lowered again when man is spiritually ready to receive them. Stones used in the construction of the Temples have been put in the hands of the High Priest where they form a connection with the Celestial Hierarchy. There are several dozens of the stones from My Own Temple (Sun Temple) in the possession of individuals at various points on the Earth's surface." One of the 'stones' referred to by Archangel Michael is the Golden Sun Disk which was put into the hands of the High Priest Aramu Muru before the sinking of Mu.

Jorge Luis Delgado is known as the "re-discoverer of the Aramu Muru portal" through which the Priest Aramu Muru disappeared with the Golden Sun Disk. Jorge said the reactivation of the Sun Disk signals the return of the Children of the Sun who will usher in a new dawn of humans who recognize and honor their spiritual heritage. This echoes Archangel Michael's words that the temples will be lowered when 'man' is spiritually ready to receive them.

The ongoing connection between the ancient Sun God and its current representation in Archangel Michael is there for those who read between the lines or research it. According to Rudolph Steiner different ages of the planet are governed by different Archangels. Steiner said "Michael's Rulership of spiritual life began in the 1870's (which was the birth of the New Thought movement.) Whenever Michael sends his impulses into human earthly evolution, he brings the Sun-Forces or the spiritual essence of the Sun. The present Michael Rulership will last three to four centuries. In this time the Cosmic forces of the Sun will penetrate into the human physical and etheric bodies. In the future, the strength of human deeds will come from solar spiritual influences working through humans."

Michael the Archangel, the Incan Sun God on the panel truck, the Shrine in Tarpon Springs, the Solar Disk, and the Peru trip may all seem like disconnected events. However, the synchronicity and resonance of all the messages that came that day was clear. After that trip to Tarpon Springs it was clear that with so many confirming messages it was a calling of a sacred journey to Peru. Its significance and importance continues to be amplified since the messages in June and the subsequent research over the last few months. Many people will hear about this trip and question if they should go or not. Some will know from a place deep inside that they were present when Aramu Muru hid the Sun Disk 500 years ago. Those will hear 'the call' to be present when it is re-awakened, and with its awakening re-activate the Sun's spiritual essence in all of us.


This article was prepared almost three weeks ago. Reading it again before publishing, the coincidences sounded so far-fetched I questioned how it would be received. Then a strong feeling swept over me to "send the article to Jean." Not questioning it, I sent the article to Jean. This was her reply an hour later.

"Add this to your "coincidences". An hour ago, I was in the kitchen making salad and asking if indeed, today is the day to drive up to the shrine of St. Michael in Tarpon Springs which I had gotten a message to do last week. It's getting to be late morning, so I said if I am to go, give me an unmistakable sign and I'll go. I went in to check email and not only was Archangel Michael's name in one of the other emails, which I would have taken as a pretty good hint, but when I opened your email - well, you can imagine! Add to that - part of the reason I want to go is to make a final decision on going to Peru or not. WHEW! Timing is everything. THANK YOU!" Jean H.

The rest of this story will unfold in Peru. In the sunlight of the messages,

Jo - October 5, 2009