Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Archangel Visits

Archangel Visits
"I have to go; the five Archangels are coming in an hour!" she said.  My mind raced as I visualized a group of costumed individuals from one of the many theater troupes in town, dropping in to my friend's house that Sunday evening.  But it wasn't a visiting theater group.  She explained that the Archangels had been visiting homes in the area, passed from one friend to another.  A sacred ritual was performed as each person who agreed to host them for five days, welcomed them with an altar, a white flower, lit candle, fruit, and 3 wishes - one for the planet, one for family or friends, and one for themselves.

I followed her story intently as she relayed her daily experiences with the Archangels.  She'd greeted them at her front door at 10 pm on a Sunday night, welcoming them into her home and inviting them to honor and bless the three wishes she'd placed on the altar.  She said she felt a large, powerful presence come into the house.  For the five days, she felt as though someone was living in the house with her.  She felt safe, protected and full of peace.  For the five days, she spoke to them constantly, inviting them to go in the car with her when she went to work.  Experiencing some challenging times, she asked them to help stabilize all aspects of her life. She said each time she had a "conversation" with them, she felt assured that all would turn out well.  And so it did for in five days, her dormant business sprang to life, she discovered new income sources, and she found more affordable housing.

My personal relationship with Archangels or Guardian Angels began when I was four years old and living in Antigua in the West Indies.  My great-aunt Rose had a beautiful painting of a Guardian Angel standing watch over a little girl and boy as they crossed a stream.  The painting always fascinated me.  I sensed there really were Angels around and if I studied the image carefully I'd figure out how to see them all the time.  But Aunt Rose had placed it too high over the big pedestal bed for me to get a good look at it.  So I often jumped up and down on the bed flying high in the air to see it better though she often admonished me to stop jumping on the bed for fear I'd fall off. 

One day she was busy doing something so I decided that would be the day to really examine the Angel painting.  I jumped higher and higher on the bed, each leap propelling me closer to the ceiling.  In a moment of delight I realized I was airborne just like the Angel.  But in that same moment I lost my balance and reached out for something to stop my fall.  Those were the days long before OSHA so the only thing available was a live electrical socket protruding from the wall. As I grabbed it, a powerful jolt of electricity ran through me.  As my body was thrown off the bed I felt vibrations everywhere and saw light in myself and everything around me.  In a stunned "in-between state" I knew it was my angel cushioning my fall and letting me "see" her.

Remembering that event vividly, I asked my friend if we could host the archangels.  She sent us the instructions and we began preparing for the arrival of Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael and Metatron.  Setting up an altar on the counter was easy.  We bought a white carnation, got a long tapered white candle, and an apple.  We carefully wrote out our three wishes, placing them on the altar near the candle.  We then waited for them.  As 10 pm approached on the appointed day, we lit the candle and opened the front door to welcome them into the house. 

Though it was a warm, still, clear, night a rush of cool air swept past us into the foyer.  As we closed the front door, we noticed the candle flame on the altar flickering.  The hair on my arms stood up like an electrical current was running through me just as it had in my angelic childhood experience. Both of us felt a powerful presence had come into the room especially when the candle continued to flicker for almost ninety seconds.  Asking the obvious question, "Are you here?" it stabilized.

We hosted the Archangels for five days.  During that time, everything was filled with harmony around us.  Synchronistic events took place daily, confirming for us the angelic presence.  As we told others about our experiences they asked to be hosts.  Before long, they were visiting friends of friends of friends all over southwestern Florida and indeed, all over the world.  People were calling, writing, or begging for the Archangels to come to their homes - especially after they learned of the amazing experiences that were being reported.  Several wanted them to arrive on birthdays, gifting themselves the Archangels.  One received insight to work with animal rescue, something she'd always been drawn to.  Many took them to work as helpers on the job.  Another who "skinny-dipped" in her pool every day said she felt the Archangel's presence so strongly in the house that she was compelled to wear a bathing suit.  Every person reported a powerful happening or experience during the five days they hosted the angels.

One young woman told her fiancĂ© about the Archangels.  He was so moved by some of the stories he arranged his work schedule so he could be home to prepare the altar and welcome the Archangels with her.  It was a fortuitous meeting for him, especially as he asked the Archangels to go to work with him.  While he was on a high ladder next to a power line, the transformers blew up, sending him flying backwards off the ladder.  He was strapped in properly to his safety line so instead of falling to his death, he was carried safely to the ground.  He said he was simply "placed on the ground."  When he realized what had happened and that he should have been electrocuted, he fell to his knees, thanking the Archangels for being there at that moment. 

When I heard his story I was struck by the similarities of my own as a four-year old child.  Both of us had a budding interest in the Archangels.  Both of us had connected with them.  Both of us had almost been electrocuted.  It was a powerful confirmation that the Archangels had always been there for me.  I was reminded of the time when Archangel Michael appeared on the side panel of a white truck confirming a trip to Peru. 
The Archangel visits are confirmation to all of us that if we ask them for help they will be there; and they will never leave us.  In these turbulent times of rising consciousness who wouldn't welcome a little help from our spiritual guardians. If you'd like more information on the Archangels Visits and the rituals that go with it, please send an email with your name and city to  Remember, you must agree to send the Archangels from your home to at least one other person.  I look forward to hearing your stories.
Jo - February 2011