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Peace Poles Prism Vision - Step 2 - July 21, 2008

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The Next Step in the VisionPrism of Light Rainbow

Visitors who have returned to town since the activation of the Prism of Light have said that upon reaching our area they've noticed a change or a shift in the atmosphere in and around Sarasota. Some said that around North Port (the southern point of the Prism) they began to experience tingling in the spine or crown chakra which intensified noticeably near Clark Road and Swift. That area, is near Rising Tide International, the center portal of the entire Prism. I also overheard someone at the UPS store telling the clerk that "Sarasota feels different - it feels more special than when I was here before. I don't know what it is, but it's real noticeable!"

It appears that the effects of the Prism are being felt by people who knew nothing about it. And, if you read the introduction to the newsletter, when Shahabuddin was in Israel a few weeks ago he said the gathering of the group was different this time - something different had happened - this time there was Peace in the group. If you recall, we held open a portal of light over Jerusalem during our Solstice Ceremony bringing in the light of the New Jerusalem.

Child Peace DaySo, now that the Prism and Portals have been activated is there more to be done? Yes, there's a next step that we'd like to take together on the Autumnal Equinox which coincides with the International Day of Peace established by the United Nations in 1981. It's an event that's celebrated worldwide and which builds a culture of Peace for the children of the future generations on Earth. Children played a meaningful role in our Summer Solstice celebration and will again on the Equinox of September 21st. Mark your calendars for Sunday Sept. 21 at Unity's Labyrinth at 6 pm for the Equinox Ceremony and please bring your children for this celebration.

The Vision continues that we recognize and honor the work started on the Solstice by commemorating and planting Peace Poles in all of the 9 Prism locations. To begin the effort, Peace Poles will be placed at the four directional locations of the Unity Labyrinth on Sept. 21st. To mark the event for future generations, a blue-granite commemorative marker will also be unveiled at the Labyrinth.

There are many "Peace pole makers" but we've chosen to work with the original
Peace Polesnon-profit Peace Pole organization known as the Peace Pole Project of the World Peace Organization. We've selected 8' tall four-sided Western Red Cedar Poles with the words May Peace Prevail On Earth in a different language on each side.

I've taken the financial plunge by trusting in the bounty of the Universe and the generosity & commitment in our spiritual community, by purchasing 5 Peace Poles for the Equinox Ceremony and a blue-granite stone marker commemorating the Prism of Light. Four Peace Poles will be delivered to Unity and one will be delivered to Warm Mineral Springs, the southern point of the Prism.

The granite will be inscribed with the Diamond Shaped Prism with a circle in the center representing the open portal of light. The commemorative marker will read: In gratitude to the spiritual community of Sarasota and to Unity for anchoring the Prism of Light on Solstice June 20, 2008.

Our intention is to fund Peace Poles with community donations at all 9 points of the Prism but we've started with the first 5. If you'd like to memorialize a special event, a family member, or a loved one, (as one individual is doing,) small memorial plaques can be ordered and placed on the Peace Pole.

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