Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clip from New Normal

SEPTEMBER 1 2008 StarSoundings Journal

To be in the New Normal is to be in a state of alignment and synchronicity with your life, the events in your life, your beliefs, your hopes, your Truths, your Being and with the Universal flow. Alignment means attunement in a frequency band - the ability to unite in harmony in a frequency. Synchronicty means a simultaneous coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related. The New Normal means that we consciously enter the states of alignment and synchronicity. Without resistance or fear, we affirm and know that we can easily and flowingly manifest the world we want to live in. Living in that space, in the frequency of the law of attraction, we affirm what we wish to see, to be, to hear or to do. And it gratefully returns in the fullness of abundant life. In that fullness we are one with form, in complete surrender and full union with Divine Presence. We're in the state of boundless harmony and love called The New Normal.

Om Shanti to all until next time.

Jo - September 1, 2008

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Unknown said...

Thank you Jo for all you do. I really enjoy your newsletter, artwork and clear vision for a beautiful future on planet earth.
Love and Hugs