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Becoming Peace - 09/15/08

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Becoming Peace

If you Google the word "Peace" you'll find almost 470 million entries which include well known philanthropic organizations, centers and movements large and small, women for peace, men for peace, vegetarians for peace, and even pig races for peace. With so many worldwide organizations and groups devoted to "Peace" you'd think we'd be closer to it than we currently are. Perhaps we're looking at Peace as a solution instead of becoming it.

Last month during the Olympics in China, two athletes took the podium to be awarded medals in their competition. Their two countries were embroiled in a sudden war where tanks and planes rained bombs on civilian populations. These two women, one a Russian silver medalist the other a Georgian, stood with their arms around each others shoulders. The Georgian bronze medalist said "If the world were to draw any lessons from today there would never be any war. We live in the 21st century; we shouldn't really stoop so low to wage war on each other."
She went on "I have many friends around the world. There should be no hatred among athletes and people." she said. "Politicians should straighten out the situation today." In the spirit of the Olympic games, this 39 year old athlete rose above the conflict at home and embodied "becoming Peace" by sending a powerful and visual message out across the world. She affirmed the message of being Peaceful..

Can we do the same amid the barrage of negativity assailing us in so many conversations and at every turn of the TV or radio dial? Absolutely we can! As Dr. Darcy Lord states in her exceptional article The World Is Getting Better (Natural
Awakenings Sept. 2008) we can "look in the opposite direction" when confronted with negativity, doom or gloom. Hold your center, your light and your ground amid the outside influences that try to undermine you. Seek out like-minded friends who can guide you, uplift you, and help you weather the storm. Become the lights of peace! By living peacefully, with inner feelings of happiness, joy, abundance and fulfillment, we embody and become those aspects of character that we wish to manifest in our lives. We can be peace amid the perceived chaos around us.

This is not a Pollyanna approach to life. This is a Universal Principle that actually does work! We can become the Peace we so ardently wish to see on earth. The time to do it is now as the sweet new energies radiating our planet allow us an opportunity to import that change into ourselves. Sai Baba said, "Where there is love there is peace. Where there is Peace, there is God."

You may be wondering how do I apply these principles in my own life? Am I peaceful in my day to day world? Do stresses, judgments, anger or relationships derail me? The Peaceful Earth Organization has a brief online questionnaire that gives an immediate answer to those questions. Based on your score, ideas, practices, or suggestions are offered in an easy uplifting manner to help you come to a more peaceful state in your life. See:

As we prepare to join with hundreds of thousands around the world on the International Day of Peace, let us look to a future where humans around the world embrace love and peace by remembering we are all one family. Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." Let us keep our eyes focused instead and choose to see a different world. A world where ancient hatreds and distrust are replaced with tolerance, respect, dignity and love. Let us affirm with the voices of children all over the planet these words, "May Peace prevail on earth."

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