Monday, September 15, 2008

Prism of Light Step 2 - Autumnal Equinox

We take the Next Step in the Prism of Light on the Autumnal Equinox where we'll not only celebrate International Peace Day but we'll also dedicate 7 Peace Poles at four Prism of Light Anchor locations.

Two Spiritual Centers which anchored the Prism of Light will participate during their Sunday morning services on Sept. 21st. Shahabuddin will lead the embracing Universal Worship at
10:30 a.m. at Rising Tide. The service will be followed by a declaration of Peace and the dedication of the center's Prism Anchoring Peace Pole. Reverend Tom Newman of Shrine of the Master, another Prism of Light Anchor location, will dedicate that center's Peace Pole in the Healing Garden after their 10:30 a.m. Sunday service. You might want to attend one of those two gatherings the morning of Sept. 21st.

On Sunday evening, the Autumnal Equinox and Peace Ceremony at Unity's Labyrinth begins at 6 pm and ends at 8 pm. It marks International Peace Day and commemorates the Prism of Light with the unveiling of four Peace Poles placed at the directional locations of the labyrinth. Leaders in the community, members of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, a non-governmental arm of the United Nations, and the Prism of Light Anchors will participate. But the primary focus will be the four anchor children from the Prism of Light joined by other children across the community. The Solstice Prism Anchor children, Emma Rose, Ian Bowling, Dylan Messina and Akaysiiyah Dunbar will declare their visions for the future crystal city of light and for peace on earth. The four directional Peace Poles and the granite stone marker that you so generously contributed to have been placed at Unity's Labyrinth. We're honored to have the participation of spiritual ministers and leaders, chaplains, peace activists, guest musicians, drummers, dancers and the children in our community.

Unity, Shrine of the Master and Rising Tide's events have been declared official World Peace Day participant sites. So please bring your digital cameras to these events so your photos can be collected and included on the World Peace Day website.

Also there was an article in Saturday's Sarasota Herald Tribune called Marking the Way For Peace by correspondent Christine Hawes. It was an article about the Equinox Ceremony, International Peace Day and the donors of the Unity Peace Poles, Susan Warling who honored her husband Jerry with a pole planted in his memory and Gerry Greig who honored a friend and fellow Unity Board Member Richard Dewyea with a Peace Pole. You can read the article by clicking here: Herald Tribune Article

SpringsThe following day, on Monday, September 22, an Equinox ceremony and Peace Pole dedication will be led by Reverend Zan Butterfly Deerwoman at 11:44 a.m. at Warm Mineral Springs. The time 11:44 a.m. was specifically chosen as it's the exact peak of the Equinox and it also represents two master numerological vibrations. You might recall that The Springs was the southernmost anchor point of the Prism of Light.

Equinox Ceremony Sept. 21
Commemorating the Prism of Light
Peace Poles/World Peace Day
Unity Labyrinth 6-8 pm

Twenty seven years ago the United Nations declared September 21st to be International Day of Peace. The resolution declares, that "The International Day of Peace shall henceforth be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, and an invitation to all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities for the duration of the Day." In keeping with that 1981 resolution, we will hold sacred the day with ceremonies and gatherings that embrace the ideals of peace and harmony with all peoples around the world as one family.

Our Vision continues that we honor the work started with the Prism of Light on the Solstice where we held the pattern of peace on earth. On Sept. 21st, you and your children are invited to a gathering on the Autumnal Equinox to honor International Peace Day and to support and hold the visions of our world at peace. Four Peace Poles and a blue-granite stone will dedicate the efforts of this spiritual community in the Solstice Prism of Light and to affirm a future of Peace on earth.

The four anchor children from the Prism of Light, Ian Bowling, Akaysiiyah Dunbar, Dylan Messina, and little Emma Rose will proclaim their vision for a future earth. Ministers, chaplains, spiritual leaders, members of churches, parents and children will come together in support of the children's vision of Peace. All of your children will be active participants in the evening's ceremony. The nine location Prism of Light Anchors will offer blessings and dedications for Peace on Earth. Well-known area musicians, drummers and dancers will participate in ceremony, which includes candle-lighting, prayers and a global peace meditation.

Participants are asked to bring folding chairs, drums, rattles, votive candles in holders, and bug spray. The children are asked to bring a small stone or flower as an offering. We've been designated an official participating location of the World Peace Organization. So, please bring your digital cameras as we've been asked to submit photos of our ceremony to the World Peace Organization for inclusion on their website.

Warm Mineral SpringsWarm Mineral Springs
Autumnal Equinox
Prism Peace Pole Ceremony

Monday Sept. 22 - 11:44 a.m.

With the energies of the autumnal equinox still resonant, Warm Mineral Springs will be the setting for a ceremony anchoring the southernmost point of the Prism of Light. The Peace Pole at the springs will be unveiled in a ceremony led by Reverend Zan Butterfly Deerwoman. The time 11:44 was chosen because it's the energetically balanced peak of the Equinox. 11:44 is also a master numerological vibration. 11 is the master number of universal love on a global scale. 44 is the number of structure and order which is manifested from the angelic levels and realms. 44 is related to spiritual groups uniting together. All are invited to join in this gathering on Monday, Sept. 22.

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