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Summer Solstice 2009

Summer Solstice 2009
Dedicating the Crystal of Peace Mandala

In the vastness of space, amid millions of brilliant stars is The Endless Field of Possibilities. In that place we create and re-create eternally. In that field we gathered to honor the full return of the Light of Arthur, the Light of the Christ Consciousness, the Light of the Sun God RA, and most of all, the illumination of the Sun's Light into our Hearts.

Last December we stood on the dark shores of the Gulf and placed our dreams, intentions and visions into Tibetan Rock Salt, releasing those prayers into the Gulf waters. On the Summer Solstice we welcomed back the illumination and manifestation of those dreams. On Sunday June 21 the solar rays were at maximum power reflecting the direct physical manifestations of growth, fullness, and abundance.

A special part of this Solstice was the dedication of the community mandala known as the Crystal of Peace Mandala. Students Cheyenne, Katie, Ian and Mikayla carried it around the circle so that fresh flower petals, holding the desires and intentions of all the people gathered, could be placed on the center of the mandala. Those intentions were joined with the intentions of the ones who colored the mandala at Wellness Fest. The flower petals will be dried over the summer then released into the waters of the gulf on the Winter Solstice in December and carried on the tides and currents around the world.

The ceremony was carefully orchestrated to coincide with events happening around the world, specifically the One Song Project. A song was created by Aborigines, musicians and song-keepers as a love song tribute to the planet's waters. The chant Oma Ka Om began on the shores of Australia in the morning and moved across the world with us joining in for a full minute of chanting with the sounds of the Blue Whales.

And so it was that after weeks of planning, coordinating and organizing, drumming began on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon. More than 150 men, women and children came to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Unity. Deep gratitude to all the leaders and participants in the community who gave their service to make the ceremony so magical. Without their participation this ceremony would not have been as successful.

Dr. Marguerite Barnett who emerged from the crowd swirling and dancing in a costume of hot yellows, oranges and reds designed to reflect the solar intensity of the day. Reverend Elizabeth Thompson, Senior Minister at Unity who welcomed and blessed the attendees. Seven men, in the ceremonial attire of their respective spiritual practices, who opened the seven directions by calling in the guardian spirits. 13 Clan Mothers in the vibrant colors representative of their moon, who stepped forward in the circle to offer a prayer.

Thank you to Subhan Dawson of Rising Tide (East), Sal Manfre, Healer & Dowser (South), James West, Qi Gong Master (West), David Hamera of the Mockingbird Clan (North), Jay Turtle Hawk of the Mockingbird Clan (Earth-Below), David Cooper, Baliyan Priest and Healer (Sky-Above) and Jim Toole of Radiance of Sarasota, (Center.)

Thank you Clanmothers - Trish Engert, Zan Benham, Pat Ready, Ann Houk, Patricia Cockerill, Eileen Kemp, Lisa Clift, Joanne Driscoll, Sharon Elizabeth James, Pam Cooper, Jean Hamilton, Linda Williams and Michelle Bowling, mother of Ian and Mikayla.

Thank you Rose Lettiere for the blessing of the waters and Patti Star for the spray oils. Thank you Lisa Nelson and Lee DeOvies our Fire goddesses. Thank you Diana Daffner and Susan Safiya Slack for fluting and drumming as twirler Kismet Weber performed the final dance. Thank you Elizabeth Jacoby for your help with the Crystal of Peace shirts.

Special affection and gratitude to Zan Benham and Patricia Cockerill for the endless hours you devoted to reviewing and editing the seven rewrites. Thank you for your endless support and the effort that you poured into the ceremony. None of this can happen without our wonderful collaborative partnership.

Most of all THANK YOU COMMUNITY for coming out to be a part of these ceremonies. It's always done in service to you and you make it all worthwhile!

Photos of the event can be seen on this link: Summer Solstice 2009 or on Sarasota Sam's Blog where you can hear the chant Oma Ka Om.

Endless blessings and love,

Jo - July 6, 2009

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