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Activation of the Inner Crystal Template

The Story Behind the
Activation of the Inner Crystal Template

Some may think this article sounds like alot of woo-woo. For others it will resonate. Either way, if you read with an open mind, perhaps you'll embrace the significance of what's happening on 9.9.9 at Siesta Key. And, you might have a further appreciation of The Lull we've been living in.

After the work we did together on the Prism of Light in 2008, dreams and altered states in meditation relating to that original work began to come in. One dream resulted in us anchoring 9 Peace Poles at several Prism of Light locations. Another dream was a catalyst for the Crystal of Peace Mandala that the community colored and dedicated. More dreams have come that I'd like to share before the 9.9.9 Activation of the Inner Crystal Template within each of us. But first, a little background.

The Grid

The first thing to be aware of is "The Grid." A Grid or framework of imperceptible light has been around the planet since its creation. Large numbers of people believe "the grid" is something new, but it's not. Patricia had a dream recently about Hermes Trismegistus who was known as "the personification of Universal Wisdom" "the Egyptian God Thoth" or the "messenger of the Gods." In the dream she was shown a white stone tablet with ancient inscriptions on it. This dream resulted in hours of research. Hermes earliest writings which survived the destruction of the library of Alexandria was called the Divine Pymander. In it he was shown the wonder of the Cosmic Mind and the birth of form in "cosmic streams of light" which happened at creation. Plato called the grid a "dodecahedron" and said it was the "ideal body of the Cosmos." To Native Americans the web around the planet was created by Spider Woman who sacredly connects the earth to spirit in this web.

The grid is a "crystalline" blueprint of energy behind all form and in all dimensions - seen and unseen. The physical universe cannot exist without it and is made up of it. It is the unseen web which holds all matter together. The grid in the earth and over it, is an organic matrix of lines of light, of magnetic energies, of fractal thought forms, in a geometric design, holding the consciousness code for all life.

During the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 "The Grid" was brought to the awareness of thousands worldwide when an astrological configuration of planets created a six-pointed Star of David over the planet. Sixteen years later, during the Full Lunar Eclipse of the Harmonic Concordance, the grid was fully experienced in consciousness by millions of people worldwide who had an awakening that they were spiritual beings having a physical experience. It was said that those two events created the openings for what we now participate in - the return of the Children of Light, the New Age, the New Human, the Shift and Ascension.

The Dreams of The Crystals

So what does all that have to do with us on 09/09/09? We're all familiar with one of the Hermetic "Truths" in the Emerald Tablets which says, "As above, so below." If the grid exists above, in the unseen world, so too must it exist below in the visible world. If there's a crystalline grid around the planet and within all forms on earth, then humans, who are made up of the elements of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, must also contain a similar crystalline grid. Most everyone knows that diamond crystals come from carbon and water holds crystalline form as shown in the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. So in essence, we are already crystal beings.

There were several more dreams confirming the importance of the work of09/09/09. In one dream the large crystal that split in half during our ceremony on the 2009 vernal equinox was shown. The words "Crystals will absorb and change colors depending on whatever you want to release or change. Crystals are activated by thought and energy and are transmitters and receivers of energy" were heard. If you attended that Equinox ceremony, you know it was a highly charged and sacred atmosphere. The 7" x 5" crystal split in half at the end of that ceremony.

In the second dream, these two words, "Chad Tahara" was heard. Waking the next morning neither word made any sense, so it was another day of research. Chad is a landlocked country in the middle of Africa known as the "Heart of Africa." Africa is the birthplace of humanity. Tahara was an actual Islamic word that means "ritual cleansing" or "crystal clear purification." These dreams were instrumental in suggesting two things - an alchemical transforming of carbon into diamond. The first was that we prepare ourselves by purifying and cleansing using a specific technique called elemental breathing. The second was that we go into the heart center to activate our inner crystal selves to birth the new crystalline human.

Grand energetic portals will open on 09/09/09, 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and 12/12/12. These doorways of light open to the invisible and unseen. The openings are readying the planet for the shift from old alignments, old cycles, old ways of thinking, being and doing, into a new harmonic. Groups, organizations, gatherings, teachers, and holy leaders all over the world are coming together on those dates to hold ceremony, activate ancient memories and tools and bring people of the heart together as one family.

We are aligning ourselves with the Cosmic Blueprint. We are activating the crystal within, weaving a web of light between one another. We are realizing and magnifying the promises in the prophecies of old. In the Divine Pymander, Hermes Trismegistus taught that 'man' will shed his darkness and return to the Light of the Eighth Sphere. That light is the Grid of magnetic love and harmony that encircles the planet. By living in our heart centers we activate the crystals within, coming home to our Divine Selves.

Sending heart light and love in the crystal grid,
Jo - Sept. 7th, 2009

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Unknown said...

I attended the ceremony on 09/09/09 and would like to Thank Everyone that attended! I had a wonderful time and a peaceful feeling that lasted over a week! It was a wonderful energy! Does anyone have a video of the ceremony? I would like to see it again and post it. Thanks so much, Ranay