Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 - Looking Beyond the Changes

With the new year barely one month old, significant earth stresses have already been recorded around the planet. Lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and 3 near earth planets in retrograde all happened in a two week window of linear time. Sizeable earthquakes have rocked countries on both sides of the world. We will need to be consciously aware of everything that is happening around us and tread gently and with ease, remembering there's a greater purpose unfolding in the chaos and remember that all will be well.

Consider the cold weather that the world experienced in January. 32 American states including Florida, were at freezing temperatures for weeks. Recorded temps (not wind chill) were -44 for a high in the northern plains states while in mid-January Alaska was a balmy 35. China reported the worst winter in hundreds of years, bringing in the military to clear snow that was more than 5 feet deep.

The cold weather forced us to retreat inside, not just physically but also to go within; to hunker down and to spend time on introspection. I don't know about you, but it sure felt sweet to be inside the reflective cocoon of quiet and inner space for several weeks. Even the native plants pulled back their energy as they were shielded in protective covers or foam barriers. In the reflection time, everything felt unsettled as though things were falling apart. There was increased sensitivity, both physically and psychically. Many reported crying for no reason, feeling fearful, reclusive, and wanting to be alone away from crowds. There was a strong feeling of being untethered to anything tangible.

Many shared with me that they felt more in tune with spirit since the turn of the year. Their dreams were more vivid or filled with guidance. In several cases it was as though inner guidance was more present than its ever been before. One person reported that she was about to
drive through an intersection as she had the green light. She felt a powerful urge to stop the car. Without hesitation she slammed on the brakes as a speeding car ran the red light right, passing just a few feet in front of her car. She said at that speed and the proximity of the cars, airbags would not have deployed.

I had a powerful protective experience as well. I was on my way to CVS, gathering my jacket, wallet and cell phone. I had a powerful urge come over me that said, "Don't go now!" I tried to shake it off but the feeling was even more demanding so I went back to my regular work.

Ten minutes later I called CVS to find out if the product I'd ordered for Peru had come in. The phone rang and rang and rang. There were 30 rings or more before someone answered the phone. As I was about to hang up, a breathless voice answered by apologizing for
the delay in taking the call. She told me the store had "been robbed by a gunman ten minutes ago" and they were all quite shaken. Had I left earlier I'd have been there during the robbery.

In the energy connection of quantum physics I wondered if my
presence during the robbery might have caused a different outcome. We'll never know. But I do know the urgency and 'sound' of the message "Don't go now!" was clear and that I listened to it.

Since the Winter Solstice the light has shifted noticeably. The messenger and the messages of spirit are speaking to us clearly and many are "getting it." A few years ago we might have felt a ping of inspiration or knowing in answer to a question or a situation that we were facing. The answer would usually materialize in physical form after a few months. Now it's an instantaneous happening!

We have entered the borders of the new world where the light of the New Sun is illuminating our energy fields. That light brings instant opportunities to fulfill desires, to heal, and to serve the global family. As you read these words, we are preparing to meet with like minded souls in Peru who have heard the call of the New Sun. In your meditations, practices or thoughts, join us in this sacred ceremony on February 14th where the New Sun is reactivated into the hearts of humanity. Pray that we enter the gates with ease and in harmonic union.
Remain grounded and focus on the desired effect. From that place go gracefully into the heart center and radiate the illumined light within.

Jo - Feb. 1, 2010

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Unknown said...

I will join you in the blessing tomorrow. I received this from a friend. I heard on the news that 50 states have had snow this year. My theory is that the powers that be were not on key about the earth being on a warming incline. I have written a book call Wismatic and you can go on youtube for interview. Pam