Monday, February 1, 2010


Igniting the Spiritual Sun Within
Feb. 14th

The Incan and Ayamara elders selected Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day) for the ceremony to Activate the Solar Disk at Lake Titicaca. The cosmic ceremony heralds the physical re-emergence into the earth's atmosphere of those called The Children of the Sun. These are the ones destined to usher in the golden age of peace and harmony on earth.

On Feb. 14th, we will be present with people from all over the world who have been called to
Lake Titicaca to hold sacred the energetic frequencies of the New Earth. All the ancient prophecies point to these powerful times. They tell us that the Light of the Sun will return to earth, opening the hearts of the global family. This is the portal that floods the earth with the golden rays of the Divine Feminine sweetness.

We ask you to join with us on Sunday, Feb. 14th in your services, your meditations, your practices, or in groups and hold sacred this day. Some of the Prism of Light Anchors will meet at the Prism anchor location, so contact them if you're interested.

Using the imagination, see yourself entwined with thousands of us at Lake Titicaca. See the sacred fires being lit as the many elders and shamans perform ceremonies that call in endless blessings of spirit for the entire planet. See the web of humanity opening heart centers to the Source of All. Feel divine wisdom and love pouring through the portal that is being opened. Imagine all of us holding sacred space and activating loving joy into our own heart centers. See an infusion of love and joy releasing and eradicating the fears and anxieties that have burdened us for so long. See our heart centers anchoring Universal Love and Light into all the people of earth. See the global family finally soaring to its perfect spiritual state of joy and happiness.

You are asked to Activate the Sun's Light Within You on Feb. 14th for the global heart of humanity. The perfect time will be whenever you feel called upon to link up with us. That is the time known as the zenith hour. We hold you in our hearts that day as we celebrate the return of the Children of the Sun as the Spiritual Sun is ignited.


Radio Program on the Peru Solar Disk Activation

The Butterfly Effect with Rev. Zan Benham - FEB. 8th

If you'd like to hear more about the Solar Disk Activation, Zan and I discuss the trip to Peru, how we were called to it, and the spiritual inner meaning of the trip on The Butterfly Effect. It will be aired at 1 pm on Feb. 8th via the internet.



Paulina said...

My name is Paulina Preusser and Im from Chile. Im writing with my heart really happy, because a few month ago I feel a strong urge to travel to Titicaca and im going to Bolivia on Saturday 13 from Chile... Now, I just read that on 14 is the ceremony to activate the solar disk !!!!!!!!!!
I wonder if i can participate and if so, where and what time will be?

Anyway im really happy to realized that we are all one!!!! (sorry for my english! ja)

Receive a big hug in the light!

Paulina Preusser, from Chile!

Hunt Henion said...

Our thoughts, prayers, and visualizations of an igniting spiritual sun will be with you on the 14th. And many blessings always in the good work you're doing to help renew our world!

Hunt Henion

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, I feel such joy and possibility in the air today, now I know why!
Happy Valentines!