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Pause & Trust October 27, 2008

Pause & Trust

While stopped at the light on Tuttle and Fruitville, dozens of cars sped by in both directions of Fruitville. Nothing separated them but white lines on the asphalt. Some people were alone in their cars; some were on cell phones; some were engaged in animated conversation with their passengers; some heads bobbed up and down, obviously listening to music. I went into a state of reflection and pause, not thinking, not doing anything, just watching the traffic. All of a sudden there was a shift in perception. Time and the cars slowed down. Everything turned into thick liquid energetic forms. Each car was still slowly moving in an orderly direction. But, rising up from the white lines, there was a light-filled liquid-energetic buffer of protection which kept each car from hitting the other. The word Trust filled every cell and sense. The people driving their cars at 50 mph with only 6 inches of white paint separating them, were in a state of complete Trust that each driver and each car would stay in their own lanes. In that moment of recognizing the word Trust and taking it into consciousness, the liquid buffer evaporated, time returned to normal, and the cars and their occupants continued speeding by.

The experience in that intersection seemed like a metaphor for what we've been witnessing on a national and global scale. Financial markets are racing in two directions at once, going up and down in 24 hours. Then overnight there's a pause before the frenetic pace begins again the following day. With the election, we're at an intersection of change in US policy and direction. At the end of the evening of November 4th we'll pause, along with the world, and see who has been elected. In cosmic time, solar flares are either increasing or decreasing, and the planet's magnetic field is diminishing or slowing. The ancient Mayan calendar marches towards 12.21.2012. At the end of that katun cycle there's a pause before the next cycle begins.

Witnessing that energetic buffer of protection on Fruitville Road caused ongoing reflection. We know that world events play out on a grander scale while that of humans continue going along no matter what's happening on the global level. My neighbor Louise remarked this week that, "Everything in the news is so upsetting it makes me feel sick to watch it." I asked her if there was anything she could do about what she was watching. She said "No, not really." I then asked if she felt everything would be ok? She said "I think so. It usually works itself out doesn't it?" I suggested she turn off the TV and trust in what she'd just said.

There's great healing in summoning Trust. It's an emotion that causes us to believe that things will work out and things will get better. It empowers us! It helps us to feel safe no mater what we're experiencing in life. Trust teaches us that "there's got to be a morning after" and the sun will always come up. So it is with these national, global or cosmic developments. We can witness them unfolding at incredible rates of speed. We can be buffeted by them or buffered from them. We know that each situation or development has an energetic imprint and that we can be protected in our own light-filled energetic buffer. We can Trust in that but it takes focus and intention to do the work. We can pause and reflect on the events knowing that what we believe, what we think, and what we feel is what we'll attract to us. Doing the work requires us to suspend the impressions coming to us from outside sources and instead see and trust what we wish to create. As Louise said, in the end, it's a matter of Trusting that everything will work out. Because in the grand scheme of life it always does!

Not coincidentally, while writing this article I stumbled on a story about Ana Torres and the lion Jupiter. Ana runs a small animal shelter in Cali Columbia. Years ago, she nursed Jupiter back to health after he was found tortured, abused, and emaciated in a traveling circus. When she found him she paused in her regular life's work and decided instead to open her shelter for animals like Jupiter. The trust and affection both have for one another is evident in the photo which was taken as Ana kissed him. She said, "This hug is the most sincere one that I have received in my life." It's all a matter of Trust!


Last Issue we talked about the power of thought creating the world we wish to see. Holding a thought for 17 seconds attracts another just like it. Holding for 34 seconds creates a vortex of energy that multiplies so that when held for 68 seconds creates the equivalent of one million powerful actions. Join with us and the millions all over the world who gather for 68 seconds every day at 12 noon. Hold the vision of the world you wish to create. See the peace, love and harmony intensify. If you can't give 68 seconds, then give 17. It will multiply itself.

Wishing you beautiful pauses and trusting days.
Jo - October 27, 2008

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Del said...

Ana and Jupiter touched my heart, love and trust abounds