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The Visible Orbs - December 1, 2008

The Visible Orbs

In the year since Orbs The Veil Is Lifting was published there's been a noticeable shift in how Orbs appear in digital photography. While they continue to be photographed individually or in clusters, they are also appearing as slow-motion blurred streaks of light across the frame of the photographs. Yet, they still hold the shape and familiarity of regular Orbs. But even more exciting is that Orbs have become visible to the naked eye. Many of you reading this journal have reported your own experiences over the last year, sharing how you've seen Orbs without the use of cameras. The following story which happened in our home a few weeks ago reveals how the Orbs are becoming visible in our lives.

Our neighbor in the abutting villa passed away unexpectedly. Some of you might remember Kathy as she often donated her driveway for excess cars when various meditation gatherings were held here at our home. She was familiar with our group and always supportive. Just a few days before her passing we talked in the front yard. We spoke of the dog, her cats, our shared front garden and lanai, and other neighborly things. So when we saw EMT and Firemen rushing into her home one afternoon we were stunned. They valiantly tried to save her life but it was not to be.

Around 6 a.m. one morning, a few days after her passing I was working on the computer in my office. All of a sudden the lights dimmed and flickered for a couple seconds then returned to normal. This happened twice, causing what seemed like a short brown-out. At the other end of the house, Patricia came out of the bedroom into the living room asking if I'd "seen the lights flickering on and off for several seconds?" She was standing in the living room against the lanai slider when she asked the question. I came out of my office responding that yes, I had seen the lights flickering on and off. She then said with complete certainty, "It's Kathy!"

At that moment something large, round, and light-filled caught my attention near the ceiling fan. Looking up I saw a large blue-ish white Orb appear, quite visible to my naked eyes. After Patricia's statement I simply asked, "Kathy, is that you?" In response, the blue-ish white Orb powered up brilliantly then dimmed a little. I asked again, "Kathy, is that you?" Once more it did the same thing. Then another Orb appeared beside the first one. Both Orbs slowly moved across the room together towards the lanai slider. I told Patricia what I was seeing and asked her not to move. I said, "Kathy, if that's really you give me a clear sign!" The two Orbs, clearly visible against the wall moved towards each other, powered up, overlapped into the shape of a Vesica Pisces then moved apart. This continued for about 5 minutes with me speaking to the Orbs and the Orbs moving together, powering up, then separating before they finally faded out completely.

We wondered how we might explain to Kathy's son, a Police Captain, that we'd had a visitation from his mother in the form of an Orb. When the opportunity finally presented itself we explained to him what had happened, and told him how two "Circular Lights" had presented themselves. Without a moment's hesitation he explained with tears in his eyes that "the second light was my grandmother; she and my mother were inseparable in life; they're now together in death." He went on to tell us that when teaching new recruits at the police academy he taught them about using their intuition and psychic feelings when on the job and how this 6th sense could save their lives. Our worries about his acceptance of the Orbs was for naught.

In The Orb Project authors Drs. Ledwith and Heinemann state, "First and foremost, an orb is a physical manifestation. We must assume that the Spirit Being has a mechanism to manifest itself in such a way that it can be detected with physical means - and that it will respond to communication." I asked for a clear sign from Kathy and she delivered it. As the veil thins may we all enjoy similar experiences.

The next Spiritual Connections Newsletter will be published on December 15.

Wishing you visible Orbs and endless blessings,
Jo - Dec. 1, 2008

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