Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Solstice - Activating Our Personal Prism

Winter Solstice - Return of the Light
Activating Our Personal Prism of Light

The winter solstice is one of the four cardinal points in the year identifying the seasonal shifts that remind us of the natural cycles marking life. As the sun gets lower in the sky this time of year, light diminishes day by day. It appears as though the light of the sun will never return.

On December 21st the sun enters the astrological sign of Capricorn ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is dedicated to sacramental activity, a time for solitude, a time for slowing down and re-balancing our lives. In the season of shortened days and less light, we reflect on new possibilities, on our intentions, on new beginnings and our personal commitment to the new year.

At the height of the Summer Solstice in June, when the sun was at its highest arc in the skies, we came together as a community of brilliance to envision a crystal city of light - one of 22 such cities around the world. We envisioned an ethereal Prism of Light across this area, anchored it and testified to it through the widespread participation of hundreds of people across 9 locations.

Much has happened since that day on June 20th. From outward appearances it looks as though the world is awash in chaos and destruction with institutions, organizations, and lives changing or crumbling. It would be easy to affirm, that given the fodder of fear and anxiety in the daily news. But if we truly believe in the cities of light, that a new world is dawning, and that there's an evolution of human consciousness underway, it's helpful to know that the unhinging of the old world, the old order, the old ways, is absolutely necessary for the new to come into being. After a raging forest fire new saplings spring up from the ashes of the old growth. So too must the old ways and structures give way so that new life and new ideas can emerge and flourish.

During the Winter Solstice Ceremony, participants will be asked to activate their Personal Prism of Light. After all the years of classes and workshops, hours of meditation, hundreds of books, it's time for us to step up and use what we've learned. We can affirm our personal commitment as Carriers of the Light. We are the Light-bearers! We can no longer preach light on Monday then feed darkness and fear on Tuesday. We can no longer surrender our power, responsibility and accountability to someone else. Guidance has always been within each one of us. The difference is, now we can sense it and experience it more vividly. We are the change agents. On this New Year we can open our hearts and channels so that Spirit comes through guiding us in our commitments for 2009.

With open hearts and trust, participants will place their intentions and commitments into the crystals of Himalayan Salt during the ceremony. Crystal Bowls with the charged Salt will be taken to the Gulf and returned to the waters of the Earth carrying our affirmations and intentions across the planet. We are of the same water and elements that make up the earth, held unified in an energetic forcefield, so it is impossible for those commitments to not return to us. Going forward into the Master Year 2009, we have the opportunity to set in motion our own new directions, created in thought, fired in the heart, borne on water, and seeded for all generations yet to come.

In the next week, please give some time, reflection or thought to what you wish to commit to in 2009. It can be personal or global, individual or community. Sit in the last darkened days of 2008. Affirm the new from the heart of your being. In the Ceremony of the Return of the Light on Sunday, know that it will be set into form in the guidance of Spirit.

Light-filled blessings and happy holidays! See you on Sunday.
Jo - Dec. 15, 2008

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