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Starsoundings Journals Jan. 26, 2009

We Made It!

"Brace for impact!" The words could not have been more frightening to the passengers on Flight 1549 which set down in New York's Hudson River on January 15th. The news coverage was riveting as cameras focused on the evacuation and rescue of 155 souls from an intact aircraft that was floating down the river.

While watching the surreal drama unfolding I was struck not only by the miracle of survival but also by the numerology of what could have been a catastrophe. When the numbers were added together Flight 1549 was a #1, representing New Beginnings. Surely for every person onboard, the event would mark immense inner reflection about their lives. Some have already said it was a new lease on life or a chance to start over.

As more information was broadcast, we learned there were 155 passengers on board. These passengers collectively held the vibration of Master #11 representing influence on a global scale and holding the energy of the Peacemaker and Humanitarian. The world was certainly watching this event. The Peacemaker and Humanitarian energies were evident as the stories of service to one another and bold action inside the cabin were revealed in later newscasts.

The co-pilot was flying the plane at take-off. Then the more skilled pilot named 'Sully' Sullenberger (whose name in numerology is a #1- New Beginnings) took the controls from his co-pilot, gliding the plane to a bumpy but textbook perfect landing in the river. In waist-deep icy water, he walked the interior of the fuselage - twice - insuring all his passengers were safely out.

The Coast Guard film of the crash shows every passenger had evacuated the plane at exactly 3:33 pm. Master #333 represents a Trinity of Mind, Body, Spirit in accord and harmony. It also governs the evolution of the soul. Perhaps the passengers on the plane would agree as many of them felt their lives had been given back to them for "a greater purpose."

Stories emerged of heroism and human-caring by ordinary people doing ordinary acts of kindness while in a state of extraordinary chaos. Some prayed while others moved to quick action. Most said there was a stillness and an almost "otherworldly feeling" that engulfed them. The men wanted to get the women and children out first. From person to person, babies were handed over seat-backs to safety. A 62 year old man held a man half his age in safety as others struggled with an overturned life raft. Before takeoff, a Russian woman told her seatmates how terrified she was of flying. Yet, as the plane was making its turn and descent into the river it was she who held hands with her small group of women telling them, "We're going to live! it's going to be ok - it's going to be ok."

While reading about the heroic stories, this airplane crash became a simile for what's been happening in the country and around the world. We've seen the headlines on the Internet. "World Financial Markets Crash!" "Analysts, banks, investors in a tailspin!" The perception of immediate collapse, doom and gloom pervaded everything. It was as though dire powerful forces were converging and threatening to extinguish whatever we held dear. The feelings of fear and anxiety were palpable. Many experts ran around telling the king (and anybody else who would listen) that the sky had fallen. Others sat tight, quietly, expectantly, sometimes bracing for impact. Mostly we watched and waited.

Then somehow, something changed. A new "pilot" emerged in the national consciousness and took control. It was a man that Vedic Astrologers said "would save people from their own worst weaknesses" and whose essence was "pervaded with service to humanity and dedication to the future of the world." This "pilot" was also a #1. He was charismatic, inspired confidence, was a natural leader, and he asked us to step up to the plate and be in service to one another. He did not tell us to "Brace for Impact." Instead, he offered hope and change yet said he could not do it alone. He said we faced extraordinary challenges but we've succeeded before in times of other challenges and would again.

Like those passengers on Flite 1459, it's up to us to get out of the ditched plane together. We must help each other towards the goal of individual rescue. It's not up to somebody else. It's up to us to walk the fuselage making sure there's no one left behind or in need of help. We're on the threshold of leading in a new way, of developing new energy technology, and of uniting countries by capitalizing on our history of ministering to the world. As passenger Mark Hood of Charlotte said, "We made it!" This time, with this new pilot, in a new atmosphere in the country, change has come and we will make it. Globally and nationally all of us working together, will make it!

Jo - Jan. 26, 2009

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