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Starsoundings Journals Feb. 9, 2009

Living In The Heart
Drunvalo Melchizidek

Flower of Life teacher, author and wisdom keeper Drunvalo Melchizidek led a group of 100 students who came from all over the world in a powerful 6-day class called Living in the Heart. If you've been to a Drunvalo workshop you know the material presented covers a thought-provoking range of information for the student to explore. Miami was no exception. Thank you to Lee DeOvies who took excellent notes and photos to share with us.

Drunvalo covered topics ranging from the Chakras, Creating with the Brain, Crystals, Healing, and the latest on the Mayan Prophecy, to the Merkaba and Living in the Heart. Drunvalo, who originated the Flower of Life Merkaba meditation, now focuses on Living in the Heart. It's a meditation that connects us
in a unity breath honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky then forming a trinity by entering the heart center. He's been guided to teach worldwide this message: "You are One with the Creator of this universe, and you always have been. There never has been a time when you were not One, and there never will be a time when this is not true. Because you and I are One with the Creator, you and I can personally change the world and bring peace and beauty to this entire planet. But you must change yourself first. You simply have to remember who you were before you fell into this very dark place."

Because of Lee's lengthy notes this Journal will only present the Mayan information and Living in the Heart as they're related in many ways.

Mayan Indigenous Prophecy - In November 2008 the Mayan Council, comprised of one elder from each of the 400 tribes met in Guatamala along with members of the Hopi, Kogi and other indigenous groups and guests which included Drunvalo. They said after 526 years of silence it was time for Mayan History to be written and told by the Maya themselves who were custodians of the truth of the hieroglyphs. The
book which will be available soon, calls for "the end time ceremony to begin in Sedona and end in Hopi lands - after the ceremonies the creators would come forth." Comet Holmes appearance last fall was declared to be the blue star of the Hopi prophecy which signaled the beginning of the end times. To complete the prophecy, indigenous tribes from all over the world plan to gather on Hopi lands in April of this year to hold council and ceremony for the "end times."

The Mayan say the Hopi are Mayans who were sent north during the last destruction of the earth. Book #16 tells of past end times. The Mayans want to teach us from past experiences and prepare us on how to "stay in the heart connected to Pachamama and Father Sky." If we remain in the brain or mental state we will always be held in the power of polarization, creating what we wish but also what we don't want. In the physical center of the human body, the location of the heart within the heart center, there is only positive, loving, unified, oneness.

Living in the Heart - Finding this sacred space, Drunvalo says, is the beginning of true ascension. It is simply moving from the brain and its mental realm to the heart. In order to reach it, the spirit must intend it and then hold a particular vibration.

Using diagrams of the human brain which has its own heart center, Drunvalo said moving into the heart was not a mental journey. It's a movement of spiritual intention that then focuses on "feeling the way" as the two hearts connect. The first step is to feel Mother Nature, feeling love in your heart and feeling her love return. The second step is, while connected to Mother Earth, connect with Father Sky, feeling the grandeur and power of the cosmos. Feel the love of the Father returned to the Mother and you, the Child. While in this state a connection is made with the heart forming a trinity. This trinity creates a vibration allowing access to the sacred space within.

In the sacred space there's a vortex which pulls you inside. There's stillness in this place which holds all-knowing, and your Akashic records. In this sacred space, your connection with Higher Self resides. It is the place of your purpose and your deepest heart's desires. In times of stress, distress, or anxiety, we can move from the mental realms to the place of tranquility in the heart. It requires conscious focus, practice and determination. From that place, ease, peace and calm returns. Drunvalo said, "Ascension into the higher spiritual worlds is not a process that only the saints and holy ones could achieve. It's for all who choose this path of the Heart while living here on Earth right now. Ascension can be realized without leaving this world, and while being awake to all that is in our Reality. The outer world is only a reflection and a creation of an inner world that has long been forgotten with our own Hearts."


Jo - Feb. 9, 2009

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