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Starsoundings Journals Jan 12, 2009

Master Number 11 Year - 2009
A Circle of Influence

In the esoteric teachings of Pythagoras all things in the universe hold a numerical value. The number 1 was the masculine number of reason. The number 2 was the feminine number of intuition and opinion bringing balance to 1. In numerology all numbers are added and reduced to single digits with the exception of the Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. These numbers have the potential for influence on a grand or global scale, either for good or bad.

The year 2009 a Master Number 11 called the Bringer of Light or the Illuminator. It holds the power of awareness, ideals and visions, allowing each person to find inner peace, strong convictions and deep perception. 11 is the number of the Peacemaker and the Diplomat who take inspiration from the spiritual planes of existence. In an 11 year we seek wisdom and understanding and then pass this knowledge on to others in a functional and helpful way, selflessly serving humankind.

This year is ultimately the gateway year to Christed Consciousness - becoming one with the Oversoul through the conscious awareness of connection with all Beings. Quantum scientist, Dr. Amit Goswami is convinced that in order for the universe to exist it requires an observer, a conscious sentient being; otherwise it's only a possibility. Where Pythagoras believed numbers were the foundation of the universe, quantum scientists, hold the view that consciousness, not matter, is the foundation of everything that exists.

If as Dr. Goswami believes consciousness creates the material world then by our collective consciousness we can not only affect the change we seek but become the sentient being creating it. As we move into the magnetism of this powerful 11 vibration what are we going to do to make this world a better place? As old structures and forms crumble, what will we create to replace them?

The world has been changed by people taking small steps with big hearts and big dreams. There's so much available to us right now as science and mysticism come together and time speeds up. There's a quickening in the atmosphere that we can do things and be better than we were. There's a feeling that we share common interests; there's a mood of humanitarianism and trust with one another. There's a knowing that our practices, disciplines, and pursuits call us to be in service to each other.

This is the year we go within and find the power inside, no longer surrendering it to others. In this year of illumination, we declare and become the Masters we've been seeking. Between the winter solstice and spring equinox there's an open gateway presented for each of us to take small directed steps into conscious awareness. We can consciously change our lives by changing our life situation or by changing our view of that life situation.

The Mystic Sufi Master Inayat Khan said: "A soul is as great as its circle of influence. The discord of thousands of people could be resolved, and thousands of people could be united into one harmony by the presence of one who unites them all. The influence of one soul may be felt in a village or in a whole country."

Each of us is a soul within a circle of influence. Our circles overlap into a magnificent web of light and support. What's the sign of such souls? It's the beneficial effect on one, five, ten or a hundred. It's a phone call to one in need when no contact was expected. It's a helping hand to someone in trouble. It's a kind word to a downtrodden individual. It's an afternoon healing visit at a hospital bedside. It's a prayer together when the call comes in late a night. It's recognition and gratitude for a service rendered. It's a donation from those who have more to those who have less. It's the compassionate service we provide to one another. In continuing our practices, meditations, and healing work and by serving our soul-circle with hearts filled with gentle love, we become the presence of one uniting others!

Let 2009 be the year we illuminate a lighted mandala of love in our own hearts and in the hearts of others! Let 2009 be the year that many individual souls influence and illuminate their villages, towns and countries! Let 2009 be the year we consciously create our New Earth!

Jo - Jan. 12, 2009

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