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Starsoundings Journals Feb. 23, 2009

Into the Heart of the New Age
Gregg Braden

About ten of us trekked to Unity of Naples on the last weekend of January to hear Gregg Braden, author, visionary and scientist, present a weekend workshop based on his latest work, Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age. If you've never been to a Braden seminar, he's exciting, personable, knowledgeable and very interactive with the audience. Even though there were 500 people in the auditorium, you had the feeling he was speaking directly to you.

Fractals are patterns in nature that continually repeat themselves in scale, creating the world around us. Using that foundation, Braden took us on a journey of recognizing that the changes we're going through are part of larger cycles in time. He identified the convergence of three "End Times" cycles by explaining the significance of the 1) Mayan Calendar and Hopi Prophecies, 2) the Precession of the Equinox and 3) the earth's crossing of the center of the galactic equator. He presented scientific research and studies showing that these three events happen simultaneously on Dec. 21, 2012.

He shared that at the end of every major cycle there were not only prophecies of world endings but also significant human and
global changes recorded in polar ice and written about in ancient texts. But in this time, we're the only generation living when all three cycles, (the end of the Mayan 5th cycle; the end of the 25,626 precession of the equinox; and the crossing of the galactic center) are coming together at the same time. In this convergence of 3 powerful cycles we're witnessing dramatic climate changes, influxes of new diseases, a decrease in our ability to grow food, regional conflicts across the world, and nuclear exchange possibilities. But also an opportunity to transform ourselves and our world.

Showering us with scientific studies, journals, and data from satellites, he explained that we've experienced many earth changes, including polar shifts, and decreases in the earth's magnetic field before, but this time we have a profound opportunity to get it right. Quoting Arnold Glasgow who said, "The future is the past returning through another gate" Braden assured us we can learn from past mistakes and make changes in our present conditions. By this time in the program his optimism had us on the edge of our seats as we hung on every word and slide.

He said the earth and ionosphere generate a range of frequencies that are in the same range of the human heart and brain. Scientific data shows that strong collective emotions have an effect on the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth. Positive emotions produce positive changes in the cells of the body and in brainwaves while negative emotions produce the opposite effect. Our collective feelings are influencing the energy fields around ourselves and that of the earth in an unseen matrix. And, our collective feelings and beliefs are the substance connecting us to one another. If we can stay in a high resonance of positive emotions with one another we can affect change in us and our world.

To prove his point, he had the entire audience participate in a "heart coherence" exercise. An audience member was attached to an EM-Wave biofeedback machine which registered her heart rate and resonance. When the woman volunteer was connected to the EM-Wave she was in the "red zone" instead of the more desirable "blue or green zone." Braden acknowledged that all of us register at a low resonance (red zone) for 90% of our day. He asked the audience to hold hands with the last person holding the woman's hand. He then led us in a gentle heart visualization meditation. With the entire audience connected by touch and heart to the woman we watched as her heart rate changed and the color of the EM-Wave moved to the high resonance green zone.

He told us about the Global Coherence Initiative - a worldwide scientific organization with a mission to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention, shifting global consciousness from instability and discord to cooperation and peace. It's led by a who's who of scientists and spiritual leaders around the world and has the interest of the Obama Administration. By aligning daily with positive emotions, we serve as pro-active facilitators in increasing heart-coherence and changing the energy field of the planet. (More on this in a future newsletter.)

It was the first scientific experiment that proved to the audience that collectively we can truly do something about the situations we find ourselves in. The focus is to "live in the heart" - the same thing Drunvalo taught in Miami. But now, we have tools, devices and meditations that show us when we're in a high state of heart-resonance.

Everyone returned from this weekend workshop energized and still talking about it, three weeks later.

Towards a world of high resonance blessings,

Jo - Feb. 23, 2009

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